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We know it's cheaper to retheme an existing attraction... but why exactly is Mirabelle having a river adventure? Photo © Disney.

“Mirabelle’s River Adventure” opens in the newly rethemed Colombia Pavilion

No more Mexico Pavilion! Does Colombia have churros? WALT DISNEY WORLD, FL -- The "Gran Fiesta Tour starring the Three Caballeros," a/k/a the Mexico boat ride with Donald Duck and those two other birds, is no more. And neither is Epcot's Mexico Pavilion. We've known that a change was coming, since we figured Disney would want to freshen up the ride with a more recent I.P. than ¡Saludos Amigos! We of course predicted a Guardians of the Galaxy overlay, but then they built ... Read more
Disney chefs who are (mostly) virus-free. Photo by Loren Javier [CC BY-ND 2.0] via Flickr.

New Florida law gives Governor power to select Mickey & other characters

It's not just the Reedy Creek board DeSantis can appoint. TALLAHASSEE, FL -- Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed a bill today giving his office the ability to appoint board members to the Reedy Creek Improvement District, effectively stripping Disney of its self-governance and special tax breaks. But that's not all the bill does! It turns out that bill gives the governor's office the ability to appoint specific Cast Members to "work with"* various Disney characters. We're not sure why he wanted this ... Read more
For these riders, it truly was a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Photo © Disney via Tron Wiki.

Tron Lightcycle Run “derezzes” guests; opening delayed

We'll miss them. Some of them. MAGIC KINGDOM, FL -- Guests visiting the Shanghai Disney Resort, Spa, and Re-education Center have enjoyed the Tron Lightcycle Run attraction for decades [Ed.: decades?]. And while it may seem "old and busted" in Shanghai, it is the "new hotness" at the Magic Kingdom, which of course is in the heart of Florida at the newly re-dedicated Walt Disney World Resort, Spa, and De-programming center. However, the opening of the attraction has been delayed, due to ... Read more
UWI step-planDisney

Step-planDisney: Should computer A.I.’s write all of our articles?

Uncle Walt's Insider step-planDisney (Step)Moms answer your real questions with their own totally reliable advice. [Lawyer-mandated disclaimer: do NOT rely on this advice. Our panel of experts may or may not be actual stepmoms, but they are definitely evil.] "Dear step-planDisney (Step)Moms: Was the article you published last Thursday ("Yes, Virginia, There is a Disneyland in Texas") really written by artificial intelligence? If so, will you start letting the A.I. write all your stuff from now on? It was pretty good." - ... Read more
We also let an AI, Midjourney, handle the cover photo. We hardly even had to show up to publish this! Photo by Midjourney.

“Yes, Virginia, There is a Disneyland in Texas”

You ask. We answer let an AI answer. From our inbox: "I read your article from 10/2020 that Disney broke ground on land for a new theme park in Texas, but a previous article you did mentions it rumored to be moving to Oklahoma. Is there really a Disney theme park coming to Texas? If so is it northern TX? Do they have a tentative opening date?" -Suzette  "Yes, Suzette Virginia, There is a Disneyland in Texas" It is almost impossible to believe that there ... Read more