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Universal to discount new Passes based on time left on Disney Annual Pass!

The deal would include Universal's new Texas park, if only it existed.

But there are some caveats, provisos, quid pro quos…

ORLANDO, FL — Universal Studios Orlando apparently has a new plan to woo Disney Annual Passholders to switch to Universal, pro-rating the cost of a comparable Universal Annual Pass based on the remaining time of their Disney pass. A draft press release leaked to Uncle Walt’s Insider gave details:

Based on the type of Annual Pass you currently have with Disney and months you have left on it, Universal will pro-rate the cost of a Universal pass, up to a generous 10 months. Universal will also match discount rates at participating Universal shops, restaurants, and hotels. If you currently hold a Disney Incredi-Pass, Universal will allow you to purchase their top-tier pass that allows entrance into all Universal parks, globally, and includes Universal Express Unlimited.

Universal (the company) spokesperson Juni Versal (no relation) tells Uncle Walt’s Insider that there are some conditions.

No Some strings attached

“It’s a generous offer, yes,” Versal (no relation) shared, “but guests will have to do two things to qualify. They’ll have to surrender their Disney pass, and also sign a pledge to not go back to a Disney park during the term of their Universal pass. And we will throw in an extra three months if they vow to never go back to Disney.”

This comes as Disney is set to raise ticket and annual pass prices, as well as continue their park reservation program. It is no secret that Disney Executives have a strong disdain for annual passholders, so this move by Universal will certainly help Disney shed the unwanted guests. In fact, anonymous sources tell us Disney is all for the idea, and will likely promote it to its remaining few passholders!

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Cover photo: The deal would include Universal’s new Texas park, if only it existed.