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All hail Princess Billy. Now take him to the river. Photo by Cleveland Brown 1 [CC BY-SA 4.0] via Wikimedia Commons.

Billy the Big-Mouth Bass is the newest Disney Princess

The Disney Empire annexes another entertainment giant. COPPELL, TX -- He's been hanging on walls and singing for 20 years. He's probably the most well-known fish in the world after Jaws, Nemo, and Abe Vigoda. He's Big Mouth Billy Bass. And now he's a part of Disney's world, as the entertainment giant has announced the buyout of Billy's creator, Texas-based Gemmy Industries. Reasons "Billy is a natural fit in the Disney universe of beloved family entertainment," says Justin LaFoe, Senior Vice President for Parks & ... Read more
A $71 Billion Fox. Photo [CC0] via Pxhere.

Disney pays $71 Billion for Fox

What makes this particular animal so valuable? BURBANK, CA -- Disney CEO Robert Iger announced Tuesday that the Walt Disney Company had acquired a fox from media mogul Rupert Murdoch, according to news reports. There was no immediate indication about where the fox will live, or why the purchase was made. So many questions As we at Uncle Walt's Insider scanned headlines about this purchase (reading articles is boring), we had many questions. Such as, why this particular fox? What makes it worth billions ... Read more
The Babylon Bee is muscling in on our turf!

Opinion: Hey, Babylon Bee, stay in your lane

You handle the church satire, we'll do theme parks. M'kay? Satirical news site The Babylon Bee published an article recently titled Disneyland Unveils New Star Wars Ride That Builds Up Really High Expectations And Then Lets You Down Halfway Through. (The actual article was shorter than the headline.) Funny stuff, but this is our corner. Go work over there. Seriously, we at Uncle Walt's Insider love the Bee. It and The Onion are inspirations for UWI (except for our writer X, who I don't ... Read more
This car has Mickey tail lights, right? I'm not just seeing things? Photo by Marty.

Psychiatrists identify “Hidden Mickey Syndrome”

Those who suffer from the disorder usually don't think they're suffering. WASHINGTON, DC -- The American Psychiatric Association has identified a new mental disorder: Hidden Mickey Syndrome. The malady is characterized by subjects, usually longtime Disney fans, seeing the shape of Mickey Mouse's head in everyday objects around them. The term "Hidden Mickeys" comes from Disney-built theme parks, where craftsmen intentionally included images of Mickey Mouse in the park construction. While they can be more complicated, the image is usually the simple three-circle outline: the ... Read more
Na'vi protestors, with Will Smith as the Genie (inset). Photo courtesy wallpapertag.com; inset photo © 2019 Disney.

Na’vi criticize Genie casting: “Were no blue actors available?”

Will Smith is "a great actor... but he's not blue." BURBANK, CA -- Pandoran protestors marched on Disney Studios yesterday, demanding that the role of Genie in the upcoming live-action remake of Aladdin be recast. "Will Smith is a great actor," Na'vi spokesperson Swizav Tawwäì'itan told Uncle Walt's Insider. "I've been a fan of his since he starred in Eyktan'itan Pxasul te Bel-Air. But there are plenty of blue actors out there, and he's not blue." An uneven history Disney has had a bumpy history with ... Read more