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We find another reason to put Baby Yoda on our page. Photo © 2019 Disney.

Disney cancels The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian struggled to find an audience. Who thought a Star Wars show was a good idea? BURBANK, CA -- Disney+ has been streaming for over a month, and after a rocky start, fans have settled in to enjoy watching their favorite Disney movies and TV shows. However, not all is well. The Disney+ exclusive original show The Mandalorian received abysmal reviews, and fans rate it lower than the Star Wars prequels. Our own Uncle Walt's Insider polling* has shown that Jar ... Read more
His name is Bob, isn't it? We bet his name is Bob. Photo © 2019 Disney.

Bob Iger knows the name of “Baby Yoda” and he’s not telling!

So immature. He's being a big poopy-head. A GALAXY FAR, FAR AWAY -- In a recent appearance on The Star Wars Show, Disney Chairman/CEO/Weekend Custodian Bob Iger teased that he knows the name of "The Child," aka "Baby Yoda", from the failed Disney+ series, The Mandalorian. When pressed to share the name, Iger simply stuck out his tongue and then chanted over and over, "I'm not going to tell you. I'm not going to tell you, nanny nanny boo boo, stick your ... Read more
It's Boxing Day! Photo by Boxing AIBA [CC BY-ND 2.0] via Flickr.

Happy Boxing Day from Uncle Walt’s Insider!

It's George Foreman's favorite holiday! UNCLE WALT'S INSIDER H.Q., SVALBARD -- Because Uncle Walt made us work answering a (Step) Moms Panel question yesterday, he's graciously allowed us to take off Boxing Day today. We plan to spend the day watching all of the boxing match telecasts! How about you? Give him a left, you big lug! What is your favorite Boxing Day tradition? Let us know in the comments below! Need more Uncle Walt's in your life? Be sure to LIKE us on Facebook, ... Read more
Our gift to you - a free Churro Christmas Tree Ornament!

Our free gift to you! A churro ornament! Again!

A special "thank you" for your support. Exactly the same as last year's "special thank you." UNCLE WALT'S INSIDER H.Q. -- We here at Uncle Walt's Insider love the holiday season, and this year we are [Ed.: again] especially grateful for you, our reader. [Ed.: By "you, our reader," we mean the person reading this right now. We're not suggesting that we only have one reader total. It would be pretty moronic to spend hours churning out quality theme park reporting day after ... Read more
You'll note that Bruce Hornsby had no Baby Yodas in his band. Photo © 2019 Disney.

CORRECTION: Baby Yoda does NOT die in this week’s Mandalorian episode

We're very sorry for the mixup. UNCLE WALT'S H.Q., SVALBARD -- In yesterday's Uncle Walt's Insider article, "Opinion: They shouldn’t have killed Baby Yoda in the next episode," the author claimed to have received an advance copy of this week's episode of The Mandalorian. The article complains of the needless death in the episode of such a cute character. It turns out we were mistaken. The show the author watched was not The Mandalorian, but an instructional video on how to play the mandolin. We apologize ... Read more