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Future Star Wars & Marvel spin-offs coming to Disney+

Personally, we can't wait for the crossover series. Photo elements © Disney.

Disney’s live streaming service has even more great shows on the way!

BR’ER BANK, CA – Disney+ has a lot of great shows already in the Star Wars and Marvel universes, but more are in the works! Here’s a few you may not yet have heard of: 

Somebody Feed Porkins

Follow Jek Porkins as he eats his way across the galaxy!


A sitcom featuring a variety of wacky regulars and guests hanging out at their favorite Tatooine watering hole, along with snooty waitresses and a teetotalling bartender. Ted Danson stars.

This Is The Way

How well do you know Mandalorian customs? Match wits with the galaxy’s best on this new quiz show.

Behind the Scenes: Behind the Scenes

A documentary series on the making of various behind the scenes documentaries.

Wookies Say the Darndest Things

Join CGI Art Linkletter as he talks to Wookies about hokey religions, the Empire, Life Day, and other topics.

Are You a Better Superhero Than Hawkeye?

Contestants compete to show off fighting skills more useful than archery, in a bid to become an honorary Avenger.

The (Moon) Dating Game

Three contestants compete for a chance to go out on a date with Moon Knight by guessing which alter ego he is that night! Will it be Marc Spector, Steven Grant, or Jake Lockley? No one knows, not even him.

One Arm or Two?

Join host Rick Allen (the drummer for Def Leppard) and celebrity guests, as they quiz hidden contestants to determine if they won or lost a game of Dejarik against a Wookie.

Life of Lev

A show focusing on a character once briefly glimpsed in the background of a crowd scene in Iron Man 3. Not much is known of the story, except the main character will be Disney & Marvel’s first Afro-Asian Nonbinary Inanimate-Object-Attracted Furry in a starring role. Don’t you dare say a thing, bigot.

Walt & Marty contributed to this article, so we have plausible deniability about any particular item.

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Cover photo: Personally, we can’t wait for the crossover series. Photo elements © Disney.