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The monorail goodwill tour visits the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Hollywood. Photo by Jeremy Thompson [CC BY 2.0] via Flickr.

Photo feature: Monorail goodwill tour resurfaces in California

And for some reason visits every non-Disney theme park. UNIVERSAL CITY, CA -- Fears that Monorail Blue was lost in a volcano after its goodwill tour reached Hawai'i were thankfully unfounded. The Monorail goodwill tour has resurfaced in southern California. The tour continues to raise controversy over its stop choices (not to mention the continued rate of highway accidents in its wake). Somehow, the monorail has been spotted visiting every major theme park in the area -- except Disneyland? Please enjoy these photos ... Read more
Favorite Disney holiday traditions by state!

Every state has a favorite Disney park holiday tradition! What’s yours?

Part of an ongoing state survey series! See here and here. Ah, Christmas time at Disney! There's nothing like December at Disneyland or Walt Disney World! Okay, November is a lot like it. And the first week or so of January, too. But, the point is, holidays are special in Disney Parks and Resorts and Spas, and there's nothing like November, December, or the first week or so in January when visiting them! Most folks have a favorite holiday decoration or tradition in the ... Read more
Steve and friends. Photo by Deror_avi [CC BY-SA 3.0] via Wikimedia Commons.

Diary excerpt: A day in the life of a small world doll

Soon to be a "Black Mirror" episode. ANAHEIM, CA -- Recently Uncle Walt's Insider received an anonymous email, routed through multiple untraceable servers, with an encoded attachment. We were only able to unscramble it with the keyword "churro," which confirms that it was intended for us. The attachment appears to be from the diary of a doll in the Disneyland Park it's a small world ride, spanning just over a day. Here now are excerpts from that diary. <WARNING> Some of the content may ... Read more
True Tales: from the files of Stupid Guest Tricks.

True Tales of Stupid Guests: Episode 4

"True Tales: from the files of Stupid Guest Tricks" is an ongoing series, where we share believable stories of park guests' unbelievable stupidity. FROM STUPID GUEST TRICKS -- is a website founded to provide Disney Cast Members and other theme park employees a place to vent about some of the idiots they've dealt with. Most Cast Members will tell you that 99% of the guests they deal with are wonderful, but there's always that 1% that lead to aggravation -- and ... Read more
Disneyland's back door. Maybe. Photo from Pixabay. Kind of.

Disneyland CM leaves back door propped open; hundreds enter

But is his punishment too evil, even for Disney? ANAHEIM, CA -- It's a blunder that cost the Disneyland Resort unknown thousands of dollars last Tuesday. A custodial Cast Member propped open the back door to the park while taking the day's trash to the dumpster. Consequently, hundreds of guests were able to enter Disneyland for free. "Yeah, I knew it was against the rules," Dan McInnes, 19, told Uncle Walt's Insider. "But it was just going to be for a few minutes. ... Read more