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We solve a really serious problem. Yay us! Photo by BlogMickey.

Coming to the UWI Store: Rise of the Resistance Boarding Passes and more!

They're really in demand. We should make a killing. UNCLE WALT'S INSIDER H.Q., SVALBARD -- Our readers have been clamoring for new additions to the Uncle Walt's Insider Online Mercantile, especially since we've run out of "Surf Svalbard" t-shirts and autographed Baby Yoda plushes. And so we proudly announce the following additions to our store: Rise of the Resistance Boarding Passes For folks planning a visit to either Disney's Hollywood Studios in Florida or Disneyland in Disneyland, the new Star Wars attraction is a ... Read more
To be renamed Disney's National Lampoon's Vacation Adventure Theme Park. And the Disney Parks Moms Panel will have to spell that out each and every time they reference it. Photo © 1983 Warner Bros.

Disney in talks to acquire Walley World

California's first non-berry or -mouse related theme park is up for sale. ANAHEIM, CA -- Rumors have swirled for years about the Disneyland Resort adding a third park. Proposed locations have ranged from the Toy Story parking lot on Katella, to the Cast Member parking lot on Katella, to the Honda Center parking lot on Katella, to just having one long thin park down the length of Katella. Uncle Walt's Insider is happy to announce that none of those will be needed. Sources ... Read more
Ed.: Is this the guy the article is about? Marty: Nah, it's just some picture I found on the internet. Photo by Ken Lund [CC BY-SA 2.0] via Flickr.

Knowledgeable guest silently critiques other Disney know-it-alls

We've all been there. DISNEYLAND, CA -- A recent Disneyland guest, who calls himself Manny Rawls*, spend much of his visit fuming over the misinformation he heard spoken by other guests. Rawls shared his frustration with Uncle Walt's Insider: "It's unreal how confident some people can be while spewing absolute nonsense," Rawls shared. "And I always end up stuck in a long queue next to these half-wits, struggling not to correct them in front of everybody." We asked for some examples "Oh, where to start... ... Read more
We find another reason to put Baby Yoda on our page. Photo © 2019 Disney.

Disney cancels The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian struggled to find an audience. Who thought a Star Wars show was a good idea? BURBANK, CA -- Disney+ has been streaming for over a month, and after a rocky start, fans have settled in to enjoy watching their favorite Disney movies and TV shows. However, not all is well. The Disney+ exclusive original show The Mandalorian received abysmal reviews, and fans rate it lower than the Star Wars prequels. Our own Uncle Walt's Insider polling* has shown that Jar ... Read more
Marty swears this was taken at Disneyland. He's not great with selfies. Photo by Marty, used without permission.

Marty’s Disneyland trip debriefing

Marty's back from California! Here's what he found at Disneyland last week. UNCLE WALT'S H.Q., SVALBARD -- Our own writer and ink & paint specialist Marty is back from his trip to Disneyland! [Marty: It feels weird to be referring to myself in the third person. Won't people notice that I'm the author of this article?] [Ed.: Just do it. None of the other regulars want to interview you, and we're not hiring someone else to handle it -- especially after you ... Read more