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The new Disneyland Skyliner. Photo by Robert J. Levy [CC BY-SA 4.0] via Wikimedia, modified.

DisneyLAND Skyliner opening date set!

Something's a little screwy about the date we found, though. ANAHEIM, CA -- Uncle Walt's Insider has already reported that the new Skyliner gondola transportation system will connect with Disneyland in California. So last week, Disney officially announced the opening day of the Skyliner at Walt Disney World in Florida. And today, Uncle Walt's Insider has confirmed an opening date for the gondola system at Disneyland! It opens on June 23, 1956! We admit, we'll need to do some further checking. That date seems ... Read more
Disney is adding military might to its parades! Photo by Jennifer Lynn [CC BY 2.0] via Flickr & chuckgray via Pixabay.

Disney parks to add tanks, military flyovers to daily parades

It worked for the Fourth of July! BURBANK, CA -- After seeing the success and universal acclaim from the media for the nation's Fourth of July celebration in Washington, D.C., Disney Parks are getting into the spirit and adding military displays to its daily parades! Bob Chapek, Chairperson of Disney Parks & Resorts & Spas, made the announcement Tuesday. "We are excited to announce that Disney is partnering with the United States Armed Forces to add some incredible shows of force to our live ... Read more
One of the new friends Blackfish supporters will meet! Photo courtesy Magda Ehlers via Pexels.

SeaWorld offers deal for team Blackfish: Swim with (hungry) Sharks!

Disney's River Country had nothing on this new animal encounter! SAN DIEGO, CA -- SeaWorld has long been known for their amazing shows, featuring some of the most talented marine animals. They also provide research into marine animal behavior, and helps rescue and rehabilitate sick and injured ocean-dwellers. In addition, as part of their education and outreach strategy, SeaWorld allows guests to interact with these amazing animals through programs like Swim with Dolphins, Swim with Beluga Whales, Dine with Shamu (featuring whole, ... Read more
The cast of Song of the South, in their Nike gear. Photo courtesy Disney (the company).

Nike to sponsor Disney “Song of the South” land

Disneyland's Critter Country will be renamed for the 1946 film. DISNEYLAND, CA -- Shoe manufacturer Nike, perhaps seeking to rehab the publicity hit it took after besmirching Betsy Ross, has announced a partnership with Disney to build a new area at Disneyland themed to the 1946 hit movie Song of the South. "It's a great idea," says Nike (the company) spokesperson Jun Shoe (no relation). "Disney wants to bring more content to their parks based on existing intellectual property. They already have one ... Read more
The Walt Disney Concert Hall, Plan B. Photo by Tuxyso [CC BY-SA 3.0] via Wikimedia Commons.

Disney Concert Hall was to be plain, square, until dog ate blueprints

Should architect Frank Gehry still get credit for the design, or his dog Bosco? LOS ANGELES, CA -- The Walt Disney Concert Hall has a look all of its own, and architect Frank Gehry has been hailed for its unique look. But did he actually create the design? Musicians, architects, and the general public hailed the look of the Hall when it opened in 2003, sure. But newly discovered documents indicated that the original design was for a plain, square, stone building. Intentionally boring How ... Read more