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No toilets visible at Galaxy's Edge. Photo courtesy Disney.

Opening of Galaxy’s Edge bathrooms delayed

To reduce crowds, restrooms won't be available until next year. DISNEYLAND & WALT DISNEY WORLD -- Star Wars fans worldwide are besides themselves with excitement, now that the opening dates for Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge have been announced. But they may be missing an important fact -- the new areas won't have any restrooms. The need to go is strong in this one "We know it's going to be packed whatever we do," says Disney (the company) spokesperson Jun Disney (no relation). "But we're ... Read more
SpaceX launch tower under construction at Disneyland. Photo by ashleywho via Reddit & Stephen Clark via Spaceflight Now.

SpaceX partnership brings actual spaceflight to Galaxy’s Edge

Pictured: a passenger gantry is added to the Falcon Heavy launch tower in Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge. HAWTHORNE, CA -- Exciting news from SpaceX founder Elon Musk and Disney Parks and Resorts and Spas chairman Bob Chapek. They announced today that visitors to Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge can to actually travel to outer space! Musk says that visitors to the Star Wars-themed lands in California and Florida will be able to purchase a "fully immersive experience." Yes, the experience will include the ... Read more
All-CGI Soarin' Around the Solar System. Photo courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute.

New “all CGI” Soarin’ Around the Solar System coming

It's the next step in a natural progression. GLENDALE, CA -- Thanks to leaks from within Disney Imagineering headquarters, we now know what the next Soarin' destination will be: the Solar System! The original Soarin' Over California ride experience was enhanced slightly with computer graphics. Artificial elements included clouds, fireworks, Tinker Bell, and making Michael Eisner look like a competent golfer. More CGI, expanded locations In 2016, the ride debuted a new film featuring fly-bys of scenery across the globe, and the ride was ... Read more
Skipper Nic works hard for the money. Photo by DearCatastropheWaitress [CC BY 2.5] via Wikipedia.

Jungle Cruise skipper doesn’t realize he’s telling jokes

Oh, to relive the days when we truly believed there was a backside of water. ANAHEIM, CA -- The Jungle Cruise has been a crowd favorite since it opened at Disneyland in 1932, and at the Magic Kingdom six years later. It has all the hallmarks of an entertaining attraction: moisture, dad jokes about wildlife and primitive peoples, and gunfire. But apparently, one Jungle Cruise "skipper" isn't in on the joke! Don't tell Aaron Your reporter was perplexed when riding California's version of the ... Read more
Working on a new Epcot ride. Photo by Erin O'Brien via Pinterest.

First paper straws. Next, paper animatronics, attractions

Disney's commitment to "going green" impacts ride construction. WALT DISNEY WORLD, FL & ANAHEIM, CA -- Paper straws have already been spotted at Disneyland, and will soon appear in all Disney Parks and Resorts. It's just the first part of the Disney Company's commitment to environmental friendliness -- because soon, everything in the parks will be made from paper! Committed, or should be "Oh, yes, I'm green through and through," says Disney (the company) spokesperson Jun Disney (no relation), "and not only because I ... Read more