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The mismatched socks of the Dapper Dans. Photo by Daniel Orth [CC BY-ND 2.0] via Flikr.

Dapper Dan’s mismatched socks lead to lawsuit

"My vacation was ruined," says litigious guest. DISNEYLAND RESORT -- The first of what may be many lawsuits arising from a situation first reported here last November has been filed, after one member of the park’s beloved barbershop quartet, the Dapper Dans, appeared on Main Street U.S.A. with unmatched socks. “I normally have the green striped costume,” the anonymous baritone told Uncle Walt's Insider, “and I put on green socks at home. But then Thursday I needed to be the blue Dapper Dan, but ... Read more
Disney Skyliner artist's conception. (c) 2017 Disney.

Disney admits: Skyliner is an April Fools joke

"We didn't think anyone would actually believe it." WALT DISNEY WORLD -- Put your dreams of riding a gondola away, Disney fans. It turns out the new Disney "Skyliner" at the Walt Disney World Resort is just an elaborate prank that got out of hand. "It started with some posts we read on Disney fan sites," spokesperson Jun Disney (no relation) tells Uncle Walt's Insider. "Some of the more obsessive fans noticed that Walt Disney World had filed permit requests for buildings that ... Read more
Donald's Boat at Disneyland. Photo by Tours Departing Daily [CC BY-NC-ND 2.0] via Flikr.

Donald Duck’s Boat sinks in docking mishap

More maritime mayhem: the trend of ships hitting docks continues. TOONTOWN, U.S.A. -- In the latest maritime blunder, Donald Duck's Boat (and home) sunk while docking over the weekend. Cast members at Disneyland Park who witnessed the sinking first thought it was part of the recently-announced "shipboard shore excursions"; or possibly that Donald was allowing one of his nephews to dock the boat, similar to the Disney Dream incident. Initial reports from investigators Chip and Dale (in their Rescue Rangers outfits) point to ... Read more
HungTime is Knott's Berry Farm's newest roller coaster, with a soundtrack by William Hung. Inset photo courtesy Knott's Berry Farm.

‘HungTime’ roller coaster, with music by William Hung, opens soon

"You'll be screaming before you even leave the station." BUENA PARK, CA -- Knott's Berry Farm theme park has announced that its newest roller coaster, 'HungTime,' will open on April 18. The coaster, named for its soundtrack featuring former American Idol contestant William Hung, features quadraphonic stereo speakers in every seat and a subwoofer in every car, and also some loops and stuff. Knott's Berry Farm spokesperson Jun Knott [no relation] tells Uncle Walt's Insider, "We crank it up to eleven from the very beginning ... Read more
Dole Whips before the change. What are they like now? Photo by Amy via Flikr [CC BY 2.0].

Guests outraged over Dole Whip change

Will our favorite pineapple treat ever be the same again??? The Dole Whip is one of the iconic treats sold at Disney parks. A distant second to the greatest snack ever, the churro (invented by Walt Disney in 1956), the cool, smooth pineapple Dole Whips are nevertheless a guest favorite, far surpassing the inferior cream cheese stuffed pretzel. Recently, however, the Walt Disney World Resort announced that a change was being made to the beloved Dole Whip -- so naturally the internet has ... Read more