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News Brief: Chick-fil-A

News Brief: Disney merger with Chick-fil-A; Sunday park closures looming?

Merger negotiations continue, but the tasty chicken sandwich chain's Sunday closure policy has stalled progress.  ATLANTA, GA -- Sources in both the Walt Disney Company and Chick-fil-A have confirmed publicly that a Disney/Chick-fil-A merger is being negotiated. Rumors continue to fly around Disney and chicken-based websites about the details, but Uncle Walt's Insider has learned that Chick-fil-A's policy of closing its stores on Sundays is a major sticking point in the negotiations. While nothing has been agreed at this time, it is ... Read more
John Lasseter returns to Jungle Cruise? Photo by DearCatastropheWaitress, Creative Commons [CC-BY-SA-3.0] via Wikimedia Commons; modified.

John Lasseter spotted at Magic Kingdom’s Jungle Cruise

Has the former Jungle Cruise skipper returned to his roots? A Jungle Cruise aficionado and Uncle Walt's Insider fan named Burt Kirby says he recently spotting a familiar face while boarding the Cruise at Magic Kingdom Park for his 26th trip of the day. Pixar head John Lasseter, who is on hiatus from his duties at that studio, was busy loading guests onto the "Sankaru Sadie", Mr. Kirby reports. Out of the public eye Most scandal-rocked celebrities disappear from public life, so Uncle Walt's ... Read more
News Brief: Knott's Berry Farm hosts Peanuts celebration; allergy warnings posted.

News Brief: Knotts guests ignore Peanuts warnings, suffer allergic reaction

Signs and press releases continue to advise people with Peanuts allergies to stay clear of Knotts Berry Farm. BUENA PARK, CA -- Apparently some guests with allergies are ignoring signs and other warnings and are attending the Peanuts Celebration at Knotts Berry Farm in spite of the strong risk of exposure to Peanuts. Uncle Walt's Insider joined with other media outlets recently to help publicize the health risks of attending the festival, but park officials report that at least twenty-three guests have been ... Read more
Disney's churros, made with a trade-secret recipe.

News Brief: Although ticket prices rise, churro prices will not increase

Thank goodness for small, cinnamon-y miracles! LAKE BUENA VISTA, FL and ANAHEIM, CA-- This past Sunday, both the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida and California's Disneyland Resort announced that their park admission ticket prices would increase, as they have annually for many years. Fortunately, Uncle Walt's Insider can confirm that prices for churros have not been increased. Churros, a fried, sweet, cinnamon-flavored snack are a popular favorite among park guests. Speaking on the condition of anonymity, one Magic Kingdom guest told ... Read more

News Brief: Cast members can smack guests asking directions to Universal Studios

The Disney policy announced in November is now fully in effect. BURBANK, CALIFORNIA -- As reported in November, Disney cast members are now authorized to use "limited physical force" if a guest asks directions to a competitor's property. Disney Parks and Resorts chairman Bob Chapek, who first announced the policy, confirmed today that all cast members have received additional training for handling those guests who either don't realize that Disney and Universal are two different companies, or worse, don't care. According to ... Read more