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Disney's Go Away Green - building, speaker, Club 33 door, & Phil

Disney licenses “Go Away Green” to military

Pictured uses of Go Away Green (L-R): 1. show building. 2. speaker. 3. Club 33 door. 4. Phil. BURBANK, CA -- For decades Disney Imagineers have been painting buildings and objects within their parks a dusky shade of bluish-green they call "Go Away Green." It's a color whose entire purpose is to not draw attention, so it can be found on speakers, employees-only gates, a certain Cast Member named Phil that no one likes, and most famously, the original door to the secretive ... Read more
Third Disneyland park location. Photo © 2018 Google Street View.

Disney to add third park between Disneyland and California Adventure

The as-yet-unthemed park will be sandwiched in the plaza between the two current parks. ANAHEIM, CA -- As Uncle Walt's Insider mentioned yesterday in a brief article intended to lighten our workload on a holiday weekend, Disneyland was considering adding a third park to the Disneyland Resort. And now we can confirm that it is a legitimate rumor! In an effort to stay competitive in the Southern California theme park industry, executives at Disneyland Resort announced this morning that they will be adding ... Read more
Closed for the holiday.

Labor Day news roundup

Three-day weekend? Time to phone it in. WALT DISNEY WORLD, FL -- It's Labor Day, which means Disney parks worldwide will be closed to give their Cast Members a long weekend off to spend with their families. And what's good enough for the Mouse is good enough for Uncle Walt's Insider! [Ed.: Actually, it's much better.]  So for your holiday reading enjoyment, here are some news and rumors from around Walt Disney World and other parks worldwide, that we would write an article ... Read more
An audio-animatronic of Bea Arthur from the Star Wars Holiday Special arrives at Disneyland.

Animatronic Bea Arthur arrives at Disneyland

The much-loved Star Wars Holiday Special will live on in Galaxy's Edge. ANAHEIM, CA -- Following the arrival of Jar Jar Binks and a half-frozen old Leia, another character has made it to the new Star Wars-themed land at Disneyland Park: Ackmena, the beloved owner and bartender at the Mos Eisley Spaceport Cantina, as portrayed by Golden Girl Bea Arthur in the Star Wars Holiday Special. "The Holiday Special holds a sacred space in the Star Wars canon," says Disney (the company) spokesperson ... Read more
Audio-animatronic character of Leia force-floating through space arrives at Disneyland.

Animatronic Leia arrives at Disneyland; no bikini

"... the one thing that could have given us strength to pass the animatronic Jar Jar." ANAHEIM, CA -- Yet another animatronic character has been spotted arriving at the new Star Wars-themed land at Disneyland Park: Princess Leia. But many fans of the film series are disappointed with the look of the character. "They totally went the wrong direction with this," says self-described "Star Wars geek" Tad Myerson of Thousand Oaks, California. "So many of us were hoping that it would be young, ... Read more