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Artist's rendering of the new Epcot entryway, featuring greenery, fountains, and a planet-killing laser. © 2019 Disney.

Just noticed: Spaceship Earth makeover adds planet-killing laser

How did we miss this? WALT DISNEY WORLD, FL -- The recently-finished D23 Expo gave details on many changes coming to Epcot, including a new P.L. Travers ride, Moana-themed restrooms, and a statue of Walt gazing lovingly at a churro cart. But in all the excitement, we've apparently all missed a pretty significant detail in the concept art. Spaceship Earth is getting a planet-killing laser installed. Disney Parks and Resorts and Spas hung up on us when we mentioned the detail, but we soon ... Read more
To be known as GoTaBE from here on out. Photo by Global Panorama [CC BY-SA 2.0] via Flickr, modified.

Universal announces interactive ride: “Game of Thrones: a Better Ending”

The only story option not available will be the one that aired on HBO. ORLANDO, FL -- Universal Orlando Resort has announced an upcoming attraction that has fans of HBO's Game of Thrones buzzing. The new ride, to be a 3-D motion simulator (of course), will transport guests to Westeros and immerse them in the world of the Seven Kingdoms. Even more exciting, the attraction will have interactive elements that allow fans to choose a new ending for the series. "When we put together this ... Read more
P.L. Travers joins the Disney villains -- and immediately intimidates them. Photo by Disney & telegraph.co.uk.

P.L. Travers named the newest Disney Villain

Perhaps the scariest villain ever in the Disney parks! ANAHEIM, CA -- At recently-concluded D23 Expo and Spa, Disney (the company) announced an all new attraction themed to the beloved movie Mary Poppins. In the attraction (to be built at Epcot since Brexit is dragging on so much), guests will join with Mary Poppins, Bert, Jane & Michael Banks, and Tiger Lily, as they try to prevent the Banks' home from being destroyed. (Apparently Admiral Boom's clock malfunctions, and Mr. Binnacle constantly ... Read more
Cinderella Castle is almost reassembled after the threat from Hurricane Dorian. Photo by Disney via NBC News.

Dorian changes course; Cinderella Castle reassembled

It's becoming routine for the Castle to be taken down for a hurricane threat. WALT DISNEY WORLD, FL -- Things have begun to return to normal at the empty Walt Disney World Resort and Spa this week as Hurricane Dorian changed course, missing Florida. Within a few days, park officials expect to be letting guests back into the hotels and parks. Orlando's most popular tourist destination (after the Holy Land Experience) takes several steps to protect itself against hurricane-force winds. This week Walt ... Read more
Statue of Walt's ultimate dream come true: the churro. Photo © Disney via insidethemagic.net & mouseinfo.com.

New Epcot statue: Walt admiring a churro cart

Early concept art left out this important detail. WALT DISNEY WORLD, FL -- Much of the news out of the D23 Expo and Spa a little over a week ago concerned changes being made to Epcot Centre. In addition to previously-covered items, such as the dismantling of Spaceship Earth and retheming of all Epcot restrooms to Moana, the park is also getting a statue of Walt Disney. The statue, to be installed in a new area called Dreamer's Point, is said to honor ... Read more