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Now Mickey will cry over your dead body! Photo by Chad Sparkes [CC BY 2.0] via Flickr, modified.

“Magical Funerals®” coming to Walt Disney World

From conceptions to weddings, and now funerals, Disney will take care of you coming or going! SEVEN SEAS LAGOON, FL -- Walt Disney World is not only the top vacation destination in the world, it is also the number one destination for weddings. But with new end-of-life services just announced, it may soon be the premiere spot for "destination funerals"! Disney has over one hundred Cast Members available to officiate weddings, from all different religious and secular backgrounds (the only exception being Calvinists). ... Read more
Constant sunshine, now mandatory all day, year-round in Florida.

Disney successfully lobbies for year-round daylight

"We'll save on lighting costs!" TALLAHASSEE, FL -- Florida's law making Daylight Savings Time permanent in the state is awaiting action from the U.S. Congress, but Disney has already moved onto its next time-shifting goal. With legislation passed earlier this week, Florida will now legally be required to have daylight year-round. Benefits for all! Most. Some? Uncle Walt's Insider was just about to phone up our favorite official source, Disney (the company) spokesperson Jun Disney (no relation), when Jun called us. She was eager and ... Read more
Totally Cinderella Castle being taken apart, and not Lotte World Theme Park in Korea. By Ziggymaster [CC BY-SA 3.0] via Wikimedia Commons

Cinderella Castle disassembled for cleaning

Don't worry -- it's only for a few years. WALT DISNEY WORLD, FL -- Officials at the Walt Disney World Resort and Spa announced today that Cinderella Castle is being disassembled for cleaning (pictured above). According to a statement, this is normal periodic maintenance for the Magic Kingdom icon. The castle should be fully rebuilt by the Summer of 2023. Some confusion Many folks who see the deconstructed castle are expressing confusion, since it is common knowledge that Cinderella Castle is inflated. (Uncle Walt's ... Read more
Not a Disney park. Photo courtesy Pixabay.

Universal Orlando names friendliest Team Member

Its their latest attempt to copy Disney improve guest service. ORLANDO, FL -- Universal Orlando Resort and Nail Salon has announced their first ever 'Friendliest Team Member of the Year.' The winner was selected by leaders based on feedback from actual guests. Keeping up with the Disneys Universal Orlando has long been thought of as 'The Other Theme Park in Orlando'. Known for their large collection of 3D motion simulators [Ed.: and not much else!], Universal is often people's sixth choice for entertainment when ... Read more
Mickey and Minnie wave to the crowds. Photo source Depositphotos_69250695_original.jpg.

Disney character Cast Members: no costumes for Halloween!

If the Disney characters you meet at the parks are real to you, do not go there today. Or read this article. LAKE BUENA VISTA, FL -- Bob Chapek, Chairman of Disney Parks, Experiences, Consumer Products and Spas, has a special treat for certain Disney Cast Members: "You do not have to wear a costume today!" On a day when many people around the globe celebrate Halloween by putting on costumes, there are some folks in Disney Parks and Spas who spend every day wearing costumes. In fact, ... Read more