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The 11 Best Amusement Parks in Florida?

Journalism: apparently we're doing it wrong. UNCLE WALT'S INSIDER H.Q., SVALBARD -- Recently, the loyal, hardworking writers of your favorite Disney website [Ed.: Us, right?] were in the newsroom, searching for inspiration. And by "searching for inspiration," we mean looking at competitors' websites for stuff we can rip off. And we came across an article published by a certain newspaper, entitled "The 11 best amusement parks in Florida, 2019 edition." Now, we're not going to name names, but this USA-based paper claims TO have ... Read more
The new open-air gondola cars on the Disney Skyliner. Video still courtesy Passport to the Parks via YouTube.

UPDATE: Skyliner to feature open air ride vehicles

Makes sense, if they're also going to have open-air monorails. WALT DISNEY WORLD, FL -- The Walt Disney World Resort and Spa continues to innovate in transportation, as new open-air Skyliner cars were revealed last week. Concept art for the new gondola system previously showed enclosed cars with Disney characters on the outside. However, Uncle Walt's Insider can now report that the cars will be completely open to the elements, with no walls or ceiling. And no restraints! "Not just a ride, but a ... Read more
N*Sync narrating the Candlelight Processional. Photo courtesy Zannaland.com.

Squee!!! N*Sync to sing-narrate Candlelight Processional

Disney is getting more adventurous with the concept of "narration." WALT DISNEY WORLD, FL -- Walt Disney World and Disneyland have been telling the true story of Christmas in spoken word and song since the First Council of Nicaea in 325 A.D. [Ed.: Hey, check this before publishing. I thought it didn't start until after the Reformation.] The Candlelight Processional features a full orchestra, a massive choir of Cast Members and random locals who own gold robes, the Voices of Liberty, jugglers, ... Read more
The Leave a Legacy Cemetery at E.P.C.O.T. Photo by Sam Howzit [CC BY 2.0] via Flickr.

Removal of Leave a Legacy stones delayed by cemetery regulations

Disney encounters unforeseen consequences at Epcot. WALT DISNEY WORLD, FL -- Renovations to the second-oldest theme park at the Walt Disney World Resort and Spa have run into some difficulties. The so-called "EPCOT Center 2.0" strategy, which features new attractions and a completely re-imagined aesthetic in the walkways, was to have included removal of the pink marble "Leave a Legacy" stones from the entrance courtyard. But that facet of the plans is currently on hold. Cemetery regulations "Well, of course they're burial sites," says ... Read more
Favorite Disney holiday traditions by state!

Every state has a favorite Disney park holiday tradition! What’s yours?

Part of an ongoing state survey series! See here and here. Ah, Christmas time at Disney! There's nothing like December at Disneyland or Walt Disney World! Okay, November is a lot like it. And the first week or so of January, too. But, the point is, holidays are special in Disney Parks and Resorts and Spas, and there's nothing like November, December, or the first week or so in January when visiting them! Most folks have a favorite holiday decoration or tradition in the ... Read more