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Where Cinderella Castle used to be. Photo © 2020 Google Earth (modified a bit).

Cinderella Castle “sent out for cleaning”

Disney takes advantage of the park shutdown to do some major maintenance. WALT DISNEY WORLD, FL -- The Disney parks, like so many businesses during the coronavirus shutdown, are taking a financial hit without guests (other than our Uncle Walt, of course). Still, they are finding some advantages to the closure. With no guests around, Disney is able to do some major repairs and cleaning to the parks. A recent aerial photograph shows that Cinderella Castle is not in its usual Magic Kingdom ... Read more
Prototype of new Disney walk-through hand sanitizer tank. Photo courtesy freeskins.co.

Disney buying “walk-through vats of hand sanitizer” for park reopenings

It's "the easiest way to stop our guests from bringing disease." BURBANK, CA -- While many companies are retooling to create masks or ventilators, the Disney Company is going a different route. They have contracted with several manufacturers to build hundreds of "walk-through submersion vats." "We're just looking ahead, to try to get the parks open as soon as possible," says Disney (the company) spokesperson Jun Disney (no relation). "Even before this Chinese virus, we've always known the biggest 'ick' factor on our ... Read more
What Would Walt Do? Special Report - Inside the WDW Shutdown

Visiting Walt Disney World during a shutdown – Part 1: Magic Kingdom

Our Uncle Walt is at Walt Disney World -- but no one else is! This is the first installment of Walt's trip report from inside the (closed) gates. What is Walt Disney World like during a shutdown? Our own Uncle Walt explores this question in a very special four-part series of What Would Walt Do? MAGIC KINGDOM, FL -- Hi loyal readers, thanks for asking. By now you've probably received a communication in the post that states that all Disney parks are shutdown ... Read more
A much, MUCH cheaper Walt Disney World vacation. Photo by Julian Tysoe [CC-BY-2.0] via Wikimedia.

Parents discover YouTube videos of Disney parks: “No need to go there!”

It's the next best thing to being there. LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Darlene Burke, a Little Rock mother of four, has changed her mind about going to Walt Disney World. And not just for the short term. "We had a trip planned for May, after the kids got out of school," Burke explains. "But with this virus thingy, Steve (her husband) and I decided to cancel while we could. Sure, the kids were disappointed -- us, too -- but they understood when we ... Read more
Universal's Volcano Bay now has a heated pool. Photo (modified) by Disney Tourist Blog, used by permission.

“A shutdown miracle”: Universal’s Volcano Bay erupts during closure

"If the park had been open, who knows how many guests would have died." ORLANDO, FL -- In what some are calling "a shutdown miracle" (and to be fair, others are calling "fake news"), Volcano Bay erupted on Tuesday. The volcano is a feature of a water park at the Universal Orlando Studios, Theme Park, School of Witchcraft & Wizardry and Spa. Although it was not thought to be dormant, since it regularly belched smoke, steam and fire, park officials did not ... Read more