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Epcot 2.0 Foldable. Concept art © Disney.

Shutdown bonus: Epcot 2.0 will be foldable!

It's the new trend in smart phone and theme park design. WALT DISNEY WORLD, FL -- As anticipation builds over Samsung's new foldable smart phones, Disney Imagineers are using the technology in a new area: theme parks. Yes, after the current renovations, Epcot will be foldable! Uncle Walt's Insider spoke with Disney Imagineering chief Bob "Obviously the next Disney CEO" Weis about the changes. "It's something we couldn't have done while the parks remained open," said Bob "What is it with all these Disney ... Read more
Seniors celebrate Grad Night at Walt DIsney World. Photo by Joe Penniston [CC BY-NC-ND 2.0] via Flickr.

Photos from 2020 Walt Disney World “Grad Night”!

We have exclusive photographs of the festivities! WALT DISNEY WORLD, FL -- It's that time of year again, when Orlando-area high school seniors gather at Walt Disney World to celebrate their graduation. And Uncle Walt's Insider has exclusive photos of the event! Enjoy! [Ed.: Marty, I know we run this same piece every year. Don't you think we should change the text?] [Marty: Nah. No one will notice.] Are you as depressed now as we are? ... Read more
The new Monsters Inc. Door-liner. Photo courtesy of DisneyTouristBlog.com, used by permission.

Skyliner will reopen as “Monsters Inc. Door-liner”

It's especially good for guests with a strong grip and upper body strength. WALT DISNEY WORLD, FL -- We had great hopes for the Disney Skyliner, but apparently it's a bust. Disney hasn't released official numbers, but word of mouth is that no one has ridden it in over a month. NO ONE! Add to that Disney's desire to add more thrill rides at the Walt Disney World Resort and Spa, and you've got the latest exciting attraction from the mind of the ... Read more
The new Haunted Mansion Star Wars Overlay! Photo by MMcF [CC BY-SA] via The Haunted Mansion Wiki.

Star Wars Weekends are back!

It's true! Or not! Frankly, we're a little confused. MAGIC KINGDOM, FL -- Star Wars Weekends have been cancelled. [Ed.: Wait, what?] That's the rumor, at least, a rumor possibly even confirmed by Disney. Uncle Walt's Insider can confirm that these rumors are true, at least at Disney's Hollywood Studios! [Ed.: Still waiting for the headline to match the story...] It turns out that Star Wars Weekends are coming to Magic Kingdom! (Kind of.) MK's Haunted Mansion gets its first overlay Your humble reporter was were looking ... Read more
The new DiZOOMney logo.

Chapek: Disney attractions will convert to Zoom

It's only natural, since Disney bought Zoom. BR'ER BANK, CA -- Bob "Robert" Chapek, the once and future king deposed CEO, announced this morning that Disney parks will be very different when they reopen. "I've been playing around with Zoom a lot," Chapek tells Uncle Walt's Insider, "and it's pretty cool. Did you know you can do different backgrounds and stuff?" Chapek plans to integrate the technology into Disney theme parks. Wishing, and hoping, and thinking, and praying, planning, and dreaming "I've had a lot of ... Read more