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Jafar's snake menaces Mickey, who is about to discover the magic pumpkin. Screenshot from video posted by Peyton Lumley via YouTube. It's seriously awesome, watch the whole thing!

Fantasmic not what it used to be due to budget cuts

The good news is that the cast now makes house calls. DISNEY-MGM'S HOLLYWOOD STUDIOS, FL -- Fans still smarting from the loss of Illuminations (even though Steve is doing a pretty good job as a replacement) now have another show to worry about. Apparently Fantasmic has suffered some drastic budget cuts in recent days. As seen in the video below, the massive amphitheater, the costumes, fountains, fire effects and even the artificial steamboat are no longer part of the show: Positives On the plus side, a ... Read more
Various Disney World drummers in cages, as all drummers should be. Photo by charactercentral.net, deleted account via Reddit, WDW360.com, insidethemagic.net, and Acoustical Solutions.

Following noise complaints, Disney will cage drummers

Don't worry -- most of the cages let in air. BAY LAKE, FL -- In a move that's sure to spark controversy (and protests from People for the Ethical Treatment of Drummers), The Walt Disney World Resort, Dispensary, and Spa has begun adding drum cages for all musical acts within the parks.  Drum cages are clear Plexiglas shields, placed around a drum set (and corresponding drummer) to minimize noise. This is particularly useful for quiet environments, such as churches, libraries, auditoriums, Congress, theme ... Read more
Without doubt, the best Star Wars holiday special ever. Collage by MixeD via YouTube.

BIG NEWS: Galaxy’s Edge WILL be themed to Star Wars Holiday Special!

The Holiday Special consistent ranks as everyone's third favorite Christmas TV show, just behind "A Charlie Brown Christmas" and "Battlestar Galactica: Home for the Holidays?" BATUU -- With Halloween behind us and Christmas decorations spreading across Disney parks on both coasts, fans have been wondering: will the new Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge areas be decorated for the holidays? Uncle Walt's Insider can now answer that with a resounding "You betcha!" Sources tell us that the Star Wars areas on both coasts will ... Read more
Empty promises on a Skyliner sign. Photo by wdwnt.com.

Skyliner now celebrates millionth -successful- passenger arrival

This milestone took a little longer. WALT DISNEY WORLD, FL -- Days after Disney released a video celebrating the Skyliner's gondola system's one millionth customer, another milestone was reached with less fanfare. As of yesterday, the Disney Skyliner has now successfully transported one million guests! "Different metrics" "Both milestones are correct," says Disney (the company) spokesperson Jun Disney (no relation), "but they just use different metrics. The video refers to one million guests boarding the system. Yesterday's million counts only guests getting out of the ... Read more
The temporary menu change caused by an embargo on alien ingredients. Photo by paleodisney.net & jedinews.co.uk.

Florida alien food embargo; Galaxy’s Edge required to use Earth ingredients

You had to go to Disneyland to get your Endorian Tip-Yip. WALT DISNEY WORLD, FL -- It looked like a simple signage change, but the truth is more complex. When Galaxy's Edge restaurants changed the names of their dishes last week, it wasn't to aid local guest's understanding. Actually, the food vendors at Batuu no longer had access to alien food ingredients, and were forced to switch temporarily to local (Earth) products. So instead of Kaadu Ribs, they began selling plain old pork ... Read more