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Coming to the UWI Store: Rise of the Resistance Boarding Passes and more!

We solve a really serious problem. Yay us! Photo by BlogMickey.

They’re really in demand. We should make a killing.

UNCLE WALT’S INSIDER H.Q., SVALBARD — Our readers have been clamoring for new additions to the Uncle Walt’s Insider Online Mercantile, especially since we’ve run out of “Surf Svalbard” t-shirts and autographed Baby Yoda plushes. And so we proudly announce the following additions to our store:

Rise of the Resistance Boarding Passes

For folks planning a visit to either Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida or Disneyland in Disneyland, the new Star Wars attraction is a huge draw. Unfortunately, unless you’re one of the first few people awake in each state, you won’t get a Boarding Pass, and you’ll be stuck listening to Sounds Dangerous with Drew Carey or going over to California Adventure to ride Superstar Limo. Until now!

For the low, low price of only $25 each, you can have your own VIP, Uncle Walt’s Insider-branded Rise of the Resistance Boarding Pass. Printed on the finest Office Depot card stock, the pass will certainly get you lots of attention as you flash it at the RotR entrance! Better yet, it’s reusable, as long as it’s not confiscated and assuming you’re allowed to remain in the park!

Anytime Free Dining

As many Disney fans now, Walt Disney World offers packages where you pay full price for a resort hotel room and park passes and get free dining. The problem is, those packages are available only during limited dates, and with a minimum length of stay. Through the UWI Mercantile, however, you can now get Free Dining for whenever you want to go to Walt Disney World!

Here’s how it works: you simply purchase and prepay for a WDW resort room and park passes for us. We’ll then send you a Disney gift card that will cover your meals and snacks for a comparable time if you ever go there. (Your own hotel stay and park admission not included.)

Tennessee Titans Super Bowl Champions shirts

We got a bit ahead of ourselves. Five bucks, or your best offer.

Just head click on the Mercantile link at the top of the page to shop, shop, shop!

What products would you like to see? Let us know in the comments below!

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