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Hey Walt, what’s the harm with sprinkling a loved one’s ashes in a Disney park?

“Ask Uncle Walt” is a regular feature of Uncle Walt’s Insider: you ask, Uncle Walt answers! Today's question: "Hey Walt, what's the harm with sprinkling a loved one's ashes in a Disney park?" Submitted by Oswald R., Bowling Green, KY. Hi Oswald, Thanks for asking. People have always wanted to find that perfect, final resting spot for their loved ones. These days with shows on HGTV such as Funeral Makeovers, Cemetery Fixer Upper, the Dream Cemetery Plot Give-Away, and my favorite, Good Bones, it's no wonder people's ... Read more
Now Mickey will cry over your dead body! Photo by Chad Sparkes [CC BY 2.0] via Flickr, modified.

“Magical Funerals®” coming to Walt Disney World

From conceptions to weddings, and now funerals, Disney will take care of you coming or going! SEVEN SEAS LAGOON, FL -- Walt Disney World is not only the top vacation destination in the world, it is also the number one destination for weddings. But with new end-of-life services just announced, it may soon be the premiere spot for "destination funerals"! Disney has over one hundred Cast Members available to officiate weddings, from all different religious and secular backgrounds (the only exception being Calvinists). ... Read more
What Would Walt Do? You ask, Uncle Walt answers!

Hey Walt, what’s up with these feral cats?

"Ask Uncle Walt" is a regular feature of Uncle Walt's Insider: you ask, Uncle Walt answers! Today's question: "Hey Walt, what's up with these feral cats?" Submitted by Waldo E., Fort Wayne, IN. Hi Waldo, Thanks for asking. The feral cat question is probably the second most asked question at Guest Relations! (Questions about churro cart locations are by far the top question asked, leading almost 7 to 1.) The feral cat can be easily explained, but first I need to give you a history lesson. You ... Read more
Mug shot of Joe Rohde's Earring. Photo by alchetron.com [CC BY-SA 3.0].

Joe Rohde’s Earring: the source of his power?

Is it alien technology? Is it like Dr. Strange's Sling Ring or Green Lantern's, uh, Green Lantern Ring? BURBANK, CA -- As you may recall, Joe Rohde's Earring (but not Rohde himself) was implicated in a few deaths in Southern California back in July. Your crack team of reporters at Uncle Walt's Insider are happy to report that the Earring has been completely cleared. During our investigation, however, we discovered some shocking information that may be called "fake news." But as far as ... Read more
Sorting Hats already being sold at the Magic Kingdom. Photo courtesy of Uncle Walt, who reserves all rights to the picture and generally makes things really tough on us legally.

Walt Disney World to offer Wizarding World merchandise

Pictured: Sorting Hats already on sale at the Magic Kingdom. WALT DISNEY WORLD, FL -- Fans of the Harry Potter and Wizarding World books, movies, and spas will soon have access to wizard-themed souvenirs without having to leave Walt Disney World. For decades, Potter fans have been flocking to Universal to live out their dream of walking down Diagon Alley in search of their own robe and wand. This has naturally caused smaller crowds at the Walt Disney World Resort and Spa, especially ... Read more