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Help Wanted

Help Wanted

Always knew they were a bunch of slackers. UNCLE WALT'S INSIDER H.Q., SVALBARD -- Originally this was going to be one of those typical "Happy Boxing Day!" type posts. But instead we, or rather I, must put out this Help Wanted ad. You see, I came into the office yesterday on Christmas Day to tell the boys that they could cut out early. The parking lot was mostly empty, which is normal as none of the boys can afford a car. The only ... Read more
Uncle Walt's Insider Legend Award.

Our own Uncle Walt named the first Uncle Walt’s Insider Legend!

The lucky recipient wins a printout of the photoshopped trophy pictured above. UNCLE WALT'S INSIDER H.Q., SVALBARD -- Because one annual award is never enough, Uncle Walt's Insider is proud to announce our new Uncle Walt's Insider Legends award. And the inaugural recipient is our own Uncle Walt! This award goes out to those who are dedicated to the ideals, the dreams, and the hard facts that have created Uncle Walt's Insider, with the hope that it (Uncle Walt's Insider, not the award) will be a ... Read more
Disney is moving all of its official news to Uncle Walt's Google Plus page!

Soon, all official Disney news will come from one source: Google+

Disney is partnering with Uncle Walt's and our award-winning Google+ page for all its official information. UNCLE WALT'S H.Q., SVALBARD -- The Walt Disney Company announced today that, beginning April 2019, all of its official news will be broadcast through Google Plus! This will include any news releases regarding Disney Parks, Resorts, Spas, Crematoria & Cemeteries, Churro Carts, and Foot Rub locations. But it gets better -- all these official Disney updates will be released exclusively on the Uncle Walt’s Insider Google ... Read more
What Would Walt Do? You ask, Uncle Walt answers!

Hey Walt, why doesn’t “it’s a small world” use capital letters?

"Ask Uncle Walt" is a regular feature of Uncle Walt's Insider: you ask, Walt answers! Today's question: "Hey Walt, why doesn't 'it's a small world' use capital letters?" Submitted by Kaitlyn C., Cancun, Mexico Hi Kaitlyn, Thanks for asking. Back in 1964, it's a small world debuted at the World's Fair in New York City. It was sponsored by Pepsi and was located at the UNICEF pavilion. Most of the budget for this and the other attractions Disney provided went to research and development of the rides, ... Read more
Disney's new hospice-care service. Photo from DepositPhotos.

Disney doubles down on death; Hospice coming to WDW

Our favorite vacation destination is now called the Walt Disney World Resort, Cemetery & Spa. BAY LAKE, FL -- There's been a surge in interest in destination memorial services, with even the Disney Company now putting the "fun" in funerals. With others jumping into the game, the increased competition has caught the eye of Disney officials. In a hastily prepared press conference [Ed:. Odd... we were the only ones there], Disney (the company) spokesperson Jun Disney (no relation) announced the latest offering. That's right: Disney's new hospice ... Read more