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Someone strongly resembling Walt Disney holding some kind of smoldering stick. Photo by Fototeca Storica Nazionale./Getty Images.

Maybe smoking isn’t so bad, says Disney

"Smoking never brought the world to a standstill." BURBANK, CA -- As we continue to quarantine ourselves in our office in Svalbard, we're hearing news that Disney is hard at work adding cigarettes back into the various photos of Walt Disney. It's no secret that Disney (the company) worked hard at trying to cover up Walt's smoking habit. Many historical photographs of Walt Disney were altered to remove tobacco products. But with Covid-19 shutting down all public activity, Imagineers have determined that ... Read more
A sign on the Walt Disney Company headquarters. Photo by Utilizer [CC-BY-SA-4.0] via Wikimedia.

Amid Coronavirus fears, Disney selling off key assets

We can't believe they're letting these properties go! BURBANK, CA -- The Walt Disney Company is apparently having budget shortfalls, what with the extended closure of Hong Kong Disneyland and Shanghai Disney Resort over concerns about COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Consequently, they have announced that they would be selling off some assets. Newly appointed CEO Bob "Bobby Cutbacks" Chapek sent out a press release announcing the sales.  List of items for sale Uncle Walt's Insider staff carefully read through the 38 page list of assets that ... Read more
The next Einstein? Photo [CC0] via Pixabay.

Medical journal: Goofy is actually a genius?

Have we been underestimating the lovable man-dog-thing all these years? BALTIMORE, MD -- According to a study published in the New Old England Journal of Medicine, Goofy is not the bumbling fool that we've all thought he was. In fact, he's actually a genius! The author of the study, a fellow at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and Spa, says the conclusion was made after carefully studying every Goofy cartoon ever made. While the paper is filled with medical jargon that ... Read more
Artist's concept of the new Space:220 restaurant at Epcot. Photo by ITC Entertainment via fistsofheaven.com.

Space 220 restaurant opening delayed — and we know why!

Pictured: Artist's concept of new Space 220 restaurant at Epcot. EPCOT, FL -- Uncle Walt's Insider has new information regarding a certain restaurant at the End of the Universe! This is of course Space 220, a new restaurant run by the Patina Group, coming soon to EPCOT. Its opening has been delayed for some time, and now Uncle Walt's Insider can finally reveal the details behind the delay. Disney (the company) spokeswomanperson Jun Disney (no relation) shares the details with us. To boldly ... Read more
I'll never let go, Jack. Photo by Matthew Vince (@synewaves) via Twitter.

Disney tests new “full immersion” version of Jungle Cruise

You've seen the backside of water. Now experience the underside of water! MAGIC KINGDOM, FL -- A boatload of lucky guests were the first ones to try out Disney's new "full immersion technology" aboard the Jungle Cruise - Sponsored by Flex Seal®! The ride, located at the Magic Kingdom Park at the Walt Disney World Resort, Spa & Scuba Center, is the first publicly visible effect of the change in leadership at the Disney Company. Bob "Bob" Chapek's first order, just days after ... Read more