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Space Hill at Disney's Magic Kingdom Park. Photo by Evan Wohrman [CC BY-SA 2.0] via Flickr.

Space Mountain loses status as a mountain

"Space Hill" just doesn't have the same ring to it. ORLANDO, FL -- What's in a name? Well, for Space Mountain, and perhaps the other "Disney Mountains," quite a bit! In a shocking development, researchers at the Disney Institute have concluded that Space Mountain no longer qualifies for mountain status. It is only a hill, and must be renamed. This follows years after the same researchers concluded Pluto does not qualify as a planet. It was downgraded to a whole new, made-up ... Read more
Of course it's from the Mary Poppins ride -- it says so in the image name! Photo by Hzh [CC BY-SA 4.0] via Wikimedia.

Mary Poppins attraction construction photo leaks!

It just looks like a stadium being built. Have we ever steered you wrong? E.P.C.O.T. CENTRE, FL -- The Uncle Walt's Insider offices in Svalbard are all buzzing over this exclusive, breaking news that you will ONLY see here! [Ed.: There's probably a good reason for that.] While details on the upcoming Mary Poppins attraction are still kept super-secret-squirrel within the walls of Walt Disney Imagineering, your crack-headed [Ed.: That's the right term, yeah?] team of reporters at Uncle Walt's Insider has obtained this ... Read more
Just one of many exciting new Build-a-Bear holiday costumes! Still image © 1989 Warner Bros.

Cousin Eddie from Christmas Vacation coming to Disney Springs Build-a-Bear

Cousin Eddie is just one of some wonderful new Christmas holiday choices! DISNEY SPRINGS, FL -- Disney and plush toy maker Build-A-Bear has announced a special holiday-themed pop-up store coming to Disney Springs! This temporary Build-A-Bear location will offer holiday costumes of various Disney characters for sale. Children of all ages can dress up bears as various holiday-themed characters from some of the most popular holiday movies. (And when we say holiday, we really mean Christmas.) Many wonderful choices Costumes include: Cousin Eddie from National ... Read more
Just one version of multiple Magic Band Swords coming to Walt Disney World! Photo [CC0] via DepositPhotos and MaxPixel.

MagicBand Swords are arriving at the Walt Disney World Resort, Spa & Weapons Depot!

Or maybe they aren't "replica" weapons? WALT DISNEY WORLD, FL -- The ban on replica weapons is apparently over! Disney has announced a brand new line of swords, which will be available in Walt Disney World gift shops as well as online. These aren't just any swords, though! These are MagicBand Swords® designed to carry Disney's MagicBands®, and we think guests are going to love them®! The new line will feature many different types of swords inspired by Disney's animated and live action movies. ... Read more
The proposed Disneyland monorail extension and new stations! Photo by atsirlin [CC BY-SA 3.0] via Wikimedia.

Disneyland to extend Monorail to hotels!

What's next? A Disneyland gondola? ANAHEIM, CA -- Plans filed with the city of Anaheim, CA, show that Disney plans to extend the Monorail with stops at all 3 Disneyland Resort hotels. This will put Disneyland hotels in direct competition with the three hotels that surround the Seven Seas Lagoon at the Walt Disney World Resort [Ed.: and Spa]. Disney (the company) spokesperson, Jun Disney (no relation) shared more details with us. Details she shared with us "It is no secret that the Disneyland ... Read more