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Mickey & Alexa team up: Amazon Echo added to WDW Resort rooms

The newest addition to WDW resort rooms. Photo by Michelle Arellano via Pinterest.

“Hey, Alexa, transfer my life savings to my Walt Disney World account. We’re eating at Victoria & Albert’s.”

WALT DISNEY WORLD, FL — Amazon and Disney have a history of working together, most notably having Amazon Prime deliveries by drone while you wait in an attraction queue. And now they have announced a new partnership, bringing Alexa to your room at your favorite Walt Disney World Resort!

Beginning this week, Disney is adding custom Amazon Echo devices in each room. The devices will be themed to each resort hotel, to blend seamlessly in each room’s decor.

Custom experiences

And not only will they look great, but they will also have custom functions. For example, before arriving guests will be able to select their favorite character on the My Disney Experience webpage, or use the default character that will be themed to each resort. Imagine Mary Poppins gently reminding you to brush your teeth at Disney’s Grand Floridian, or Timon and Pumbaa waking you with a song at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. Guests can also choose to customize the character with such favorites as Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, or Princess Kida.

Of course, some people have expressed privacy concerns about having such devices in their homes. Might they be concerned about having an Echo listening in to their conversations at Disney? We reached out to our favorite Disney (the company) spokesperson, Jun Disney (no relation).

Privacy schmivacy

“Privacy? Who wants privacy? Everyone knows that’s not something you get at Walt Disney World! We track you via your MagicBand, so we can greet you by name when you arrive for your next FastPass. Guests love giving up their anonymity to be greeted by name, and tracking guests is how we do it! For Disney to use your image in a commercial, all you have to do is purchase and use a ticket! We don’t even have to pay you! I’m sure guests would much rather be able to see themselves on TV than receive a paycheck.

“That brings us to our next big thing, voice recognition in your resort hotel room! Had a bad day and complain about it? We’ll send that audio to Guest Relations so they can correct it! Mention to those in your room that you’re hungry, and we’ll send a Cast Member to your room with a variety of snacks that you can purchase right on the spot!”

But wait, there’s more

Disney (no relation) says there’s no end to the in-room “plussing” that can occur with Disney listening in.

“Imagine how great ‘Kiss the Girl’ will sound from these custom devices when we automatically start playing the song right before you start making sweet love to your significant other. Or what if you have some gastrointestinal issues after enjoying the Kitchen Sink at Beaches & Cream, even though you know you’re lactose intolerant? A Cast Member will be dispatched to your room with appropriate medications, as well as air freshener that is custom-picked for you based on AI learning.

“We think guests will love this new invasion of privacy as it enhances their Walt Disney World Resort & Spa vacation experience!”

No need to let us know in the comments below, we’re already listening.

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Cover photo: The newest addition to WDW resort rooms. Photo by Michelle Arellano via Pinterest.