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I'll never let go, Jack. Photo by Matthew Vince (@synewaves) via Twitter.

Disney tests new “full immersion” version of Jungle Cruise

You've seen the backside of water. Now experience the underside of water! MAGIC KINGDOM, FL -- A boatload of lucky guests were the first ones to try out Disney's new "full immersion technology" aboard the Jungle Cruise - Sponsored by Flex Seal®! The ride, located at the Magic Kingdom Park at the Walt Disney World Resort, Spa & Scuba Center, is the first publicly visible effect of the change in leadership at the Disney Company. Bob "Bob" Chapek's first order, just days after ... Read more
Disney, er, we mean, Uncle Walt’s Insider Food Blog. Totally original logo not at all influenced by DisneyFoodBlog.com (which we love, btw!).

Uncle Walt’s Insider Food Blog: Joffrey’s In-Room Coffee

Any food blog can review stuff restaurants and food carts serve. But what about the coffee in your room? UNCLE WALT'S H.Q., SVALBARD - You've arrived for your magical vacation at the Walt Disney World resort, but it was a late flight, a long trip on the Magical Express, and now you're getting up for rope drop. We've all been there, tired, cranky, and you just want to sleep in, but Rise of the Resistance is calling. Normally at home you would have ... Read more
What Would Walt Do? You ask, Uncle Walt answers!

Hey Walt, what do you think of Walt Disney World becoming an all-inclusive resort?

Note: Replace this with something funny and witty. Or not. Today's question: "Hey Walt, what do you think of Walt Disney World becoming an all-inclusive resort? What are the pros and cons?"  Submitted by George K., Winter Haven, FL HI George, Thanks for asking. When we first broke the news, people cried about corporate greed, and how it makes this unaffordable for the working class, or even the middle class. We pointed out that parking was included, but the damage had been done and Disney backed ... Read more
Artist's concept of the Great Epcot Congressional Uprising of 2020. Photo from Library of Congress [public domain] via Wikimedia.

AI upgrade leads to brawl at Disney’s Hall of Congress

They should have known not to give them competing programming. EPCOT, FL -- A recent AI software upgrade at Disney's Hall of Congress, located in the dark alley behind the American Adventure Pavilion, led to an all-out brawl between the Democrat and Republican animatronic figures. The upgrade happened before the park opened, and Disney Imagineers were able to restore the original software from backup. Disney (the company) spokesperson, Jun Disney (no relation), shared details on the upgrade. Fox vs. CNN "Software upgrades are routine, and ... Read more
She probably meant to say the Palestine Pavilion. Epcot photo [CC0] via Pixabay; AOC photo by nrkbeta [CC BY-SA 2.0] via Flickr.

Congressperson questions orbit of Epcot’s Space 220 Restaurant

"The emptiness of space is very much a focus of my brain," -- AOC, probably EPCOT, FL -- In the midst of Epcot's many issues -- closings, construction, apartment complexes -- comes a new hiccup: government meddling. Yes, now even the new Space 220 restaurant is in jeopardy after a U.S. Representative questioned its safety. Congresswomanperson Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-Neptune) recently sent a letter to the Walt Disney Company demanding to know more about the orbit of the upcoming Space 220 restaurant. Her letter ... Read more