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The new Uncle Walt's Insider gondola car, nicknamed "Churro One." Photo courtesy Disney Parks.

Disney unveils Uncle Walt’s Insider Skyliner car!

The new Uncle Walt's Insider Skyliner gondola is the most popular one, naturally. REEDY CREEK, FL -- It's been a long time in coming, especially since Uncle Walt's Insider was founded over 80 years ago. But the Disney Company is finally honoring our humble website with it's own Skyliner gondola car!  Finally, the recognition we deserve At a special ceremony yesterday, Mickey Mouse and Bob "Robert" Chapek, chair of Disney Parks, Experiences, Consumer Products, and Spas, unveiled the all-new Uncle Walt's wrap on one of ... Read more
The former Illuminations fountains and video globe at the State Fair of Texas. Photo by Walt, used without permission, and TheOneVader [CC BY-SA 3.0] via Wikimedia.

Illuminations fountains, video globe, etc. given to State Fair of Texas

The new "Illuminations, Y'all: Reflections of Texas" debuts this weekend. DALLAS, TEXAS -- Texas fans of the Walt Disney World Resort and Spa are seeing some familiar gear at Dallas's Fair Park lately. The video globe that once was the centerpiece of Epcot's Illuminations fireworks show is the most recognizable, but apparently all of the fountains, lasers, barges, and other effects from the show have been packed up and sent to the State Fair of Texas. "We are deeply grateful to the Disney ... Read more
Concept art for the new Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance attraction at LEGOland. Photo [CC0] via pxhere.

Rise of the Resistance delayed again; thanks, Kylo Ren

He really needs to learn to control his temper before he hurts someone. BLACK SPIRE OUTPOST, BATUU -- Internet and fan-driven news [Ed.: More like, FAKE news! Hah! Burn!] websites focusing on Disney have reported additional delays in the next Star Wars-themed attraction, Rise of the Resistance. It's just the latest controversy coming out of the house of Mouse. The Rise of the Resistance attraction at both the Walt Disney World Resort and Spa and Droid Factory, and the Disneyland Resort and Spa ... Read more
0.000000012% of the Skyliner videos uploaded within the last hour. Photo collage via YouTube, now that it's running again.

YouTube crashes, overwhelmed by Disney Skyliner videos

The popular video site can handle a lot, but not this much. SAN BRUNO, CA -- The official opening of the new Disney Skyliner gondola system yesterday brought praise, delight -- and millions of guest-shot videos of the experience. There were so many videos, in fact, that YouTube servers crashed under the strain. "We routinely add over 500 hours of new video content every day," said YouTube (the company) spokesperson Jun Tube (no relation). "And we can handle many times that. But it ... Read more
We found a witch. May we burn her? Screenshot via YouTube.

La Befana out at Epcot, found guilty of being a witch

Italy's representative at Epcot's Festival of the Holidays goes on trial. ITALY PAVILION, EPCOT, FL -- After a shocking ruling, well-known Christmas character La Befana will no longer appear at Epcot's Italy Pavilion and Spa during the Festival of the Holidays. The beloved storyteller has been found guilty by the Reedy Creek District Court of being a witch. Following a brief trial, in which a number of rough-clad villagers brought accusations, the court announced its decision. Uncle Walt's Insider obtained a copy ... Read more