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Skipper Nic works hard for the money. Photo by DearCatastropheWaitress [CC BY 2.5] via Wikipedia.

Jungle Cruise skipper actually makes the ride entertaining

Subtly inserting song lyrics to see if anyone notices? We'd never do that. WALT DISNEY WORLD, FL - Disney aficionados will tell you that the three oldest attractions in the Magic Kingdom are the Carousel, the Main Street Vehicles, and the jokes on the Jungle Cruise. So when Uncle Walt's Insider learned that there was a Jungle Skipper that had found a way to make things a little more interesting, we had to check it out. We immediately dispatched a reporter to the ... Read more
Uncle Walt's Insider Puzzle Time!

Puzzle Fun – Find Harry Potter in the Magic Kingdom!

It's Super Puzzle Fun Time again! UNCLE WALT'S INSIDER H.Q., SVALBARD -- Ah, the Touron™. A combination of "tourist" and "moron", he (or she) is the "SG" in "SGT" -- which stands for Stupid Guest Tricks, of course, so you do the math. A common question stupid guests ask at Disney's Magic Kingdom is, "How do I get to Harry Potter Land?" (Fun fact: Did you know Cast Members can now slap idiots that ask that question?) We thought we'd have some fun with ... Read more
True Tales: from the files of Stupid Guest Tricks.

True Tales of Stupid Guests: Episode 8

"True Tales: from the files of Stupid Guest Tricks" is an ongoing series, where we share believable stories of park guests' unbelievable stupidity. FROM STUPID GUEST TRICKS -- StupidGuestTricks.com is a website founded to provide Disney Cast Members and other theme park employees a place to vent about some of the idiots they've dealt with. Most Cast Members will tell you that 99% of the guests they deal with are wonderful, but there's always that 1% that lead to aggravation -- and ... Read more
A non-Disney-friendly, and therefore worthless, stroller. Photo courtesy eBay.

EBay flooded with listings for oversized strollers, wagons for cheap

Disney Parks' new stroller policy has guests desperate to recoup their investment. EbAY H.Q., WHEREVER THAT IS [Note: have the intern look this up.] [Ed.: For the thousandth time, Marty, we do not have an intern. And it's your week to empty the trash.] -- As of next month, large strollers are no longer allowed in Disney Parks and Resorts and Spas. And suddenly some families find themselves with large strollers costing hundreds of dollars -- and pull-wagons of any size -- that ... Read more
Test Track, with new speed measuring signs. Photo courtesy Disney Tourist Blog, modified & used by permission.

Orange County Sheriff increasing in-park traffic enforcement

March statistics show an increase in citations for speeding, impeding traffic, and unsafe turns. WALT DISNEY WORLD, FL -- The Orange County (Florida) Sheriff's Department is putting out the word: a traffic violation is a traffic violation, even in a Disney park. Break the law, and you will be ticketed, often before you even reach the gift shop. "It's true, we've been cracking down," says Sheriff's Department spokesperson Jun Sheriff (no relation). "Test Track in Epcot has always been a haven for speeders ... Read more