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2022 Beijing Olympics will be held at Epcot?

2022 Winter Olympics to be held at China Pavilion

"So much of the infrastructure is already in place." BEIJING, CHINA -- Preparations continue for the XXIV Olympic Winter Games, the first Winter games to be held in China, scheduled for February 2022. And now organizers say that some or all of the competitions may be held at Epcot. Cai Qi, president of the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee, spoke with Uncle Walt's Insider through a translator. "Having the games at Epcot solves many problems," Cai's interpreter said that Cai said. "We already have a ... Read more
The new, boring appearance of Disney Skyliner cars. Images © 2019 Disney Parks via YouTube.

Skyliner cars to remain completely covered

Disney caters to guests with fear of heights. WALT DISNEY WORLD, FL -- When park officials announce the construction of the Disney Skyliner gondola system, they released concept art showing colorful, whimsical gondola cars featuring Disney characters. However, apparently the actual cars are much more bland. Video footage released by Disney parks last week show the cars completely wrapped in a bland brown material. We reached out to Disney (the company) spokesperson Jun Disney (no relation) for an explanation. The thrill is gone "Isn't it ... Read more
Sneezy contained. Photo by Loren Javier [CC BY 2.0] via Flickr.

Health Dept.: Sneezy must wear sneeze guard

We get results. WALT DISNEY WORLD, FL -- UPDATE: Following our character dining review/exposé of the new Storybook Dining at Artist Point yesterday, the Reedy Creek Health Department immediately suspended Sneezy from appearing in restaurants. And today it was announced that he may return, but only if he is wearing a "360° sneeze guard." The Health Department issued a statement apologizing for a lack of oversight and that the deluxe dining experience did not meet Disney standards. They further stated that future meals would ... Read more
Sneezy wrecks another meal. Photo by Loren Javier [CC BY-ND 2.0] via Flickr.

New “Storybook Dining at Artist Point”: great food, until Sneezy came along

Our writer reviews the new character meal featuring Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. WALT DISNEY WORLD, FL -- Many fans of Artist Point, the fine dining restaurant at Disney's Wilderness Lodge, were upset when Disney announced it would be transformed into a character meal. Me? I was thrilled. The meal would feature visits from Snow White, the Evil Queen, and assorted Dwarfs. And where better to place characters for a German fairy tale but in a restaurant themed to a U.S. ... Read more
Disney charges a Bear. Photo by HarshLight [CC BY 2.0] via Flickr.

Disney caught recharging animatronics at Tesla Superchargers

Pirates, bears, princesses and presidents all need a boost now and then. ORLANDO, FL -- Tesla has tens of thousands of "Supercharger" stations around the country and around the world. Each is supposed to be reserved for Tesla vehicles, but drivers have reported seeing some "familiar characters" hooked up to the devices. "I'm a Disney fan, an Annual Passholder, and I drive a Tesla Model S," says Orlando native Avery Ware. "So it was a surprise to plug in at my favorite Supercharger ... Read more