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The door to Orlando International Airport's exclusive Club 26. Photo [CC0] via piqsels.com.

MCO Carousel 26 found! Exclusive to elite travelers

We uncover the elite "Club 26." ORLANDO, FL -- Last week Uncle Walt's Insider reported on the disappearance of Carousel 26 at the Orlando International Airport (MCO) baggage claim. As it turns out, in a rare case of our reporting being slightly incorrect, the missing carousel may not be missing after all. Instead of being stolen, Baggage Carousel 26 is apparently behind closed doors, accessible only to members of an elite club, possibly known as "Club 26." How did we miss that? While our ... Read more
WDW new flat-fee entrance arch. Photo by Jrobertiko [CC BY-SA 3.0] via Wikimedia.

After outcry, Walt Disney World lowers all-inclusive price to $990/day

Guests were outrage to learn that a trip to a Disney resort could be expensive. WALT DISNEY WORLD, FL -- As we reported last week, Walt Disney World is converting to an all-inclusive resort. While most of the country didn't read the article and thus didn't know to be upset, the few people who read Uncle Walt's Insider were outraged at the expense. One irate Uncle Walt's Insider reader, Pam S., blamed the new price scheme on "corporate greed" and said she would ... Read more
The Tree of Life strikes oil. Photo by Jaimie Michaels [CC BY 2.0] via Flickr, and John Trost [CC0] via Wikimedia.

BREAKING: Tree of Life strikes oil

Black gold. Texas tea. WALT DISNEY WORLD, FL -- Details are sketchy, but apparently the oil rig used to construct the Tree of Life is more than just a frame. Guests at Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park, Spa, and Nahtazu are reporting a plume of oil sprouting from the top of the Tree. The situation is changing quickly, but reports are coming in that Cast Members are trying to hold umbrellas over some of the animals to shield them from the rain ... Read more
WDW new flat-fee entrance arch. Photo by Jrobertiko [CC BY-SA 3.0] via Wikimedia.

Walt Disney World changing to $1000/day all-inclusive resort

"We think this will solve the overcrowding situation." WALT DISNEY WORLD, FL -- In its biggest change since the elimination of paper tickets, Walt Disney World announced today that it is converting to an all-inclusive resort. Beginning in September of this year, guests will pay a flat fee of $1000 per person each day. That price will give the guests a room on property, all the food they can eat -- including churros! -- and access all of Walt Disney World's theme ... Read more
Something's not right here. Photo by X, used without permission.

Thieves strike Orlando Airport, steal entire baggage carousel

We noticed the missing carousel once we remembered that there is a number between 25 and 27. ORLANDO, FL -- A gang of thieves apparently have stolen Baggage Carousel 26 at the Orlando International Airport (MCO), causing widespread fear and confusion for visitors to Florida's busiest airport. The theft was reported Monday after a passenger mistakenly that their luggage would be on Carousel 26. According to sources, the unnamed passenger searched between Carousels 25 and 27 for over three hours without success. Sources estimate ... Read more