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Mickey and Minnie wave to the crowds. Photo source Depositphotos_69250695_original.jpg.

Disneyland honors Uncle Walt’s Insider!

Thursday was "Uncle Walt's Insider" Day at the Disneyland Resort! DISNEYLAND, CA -- As Uncle Walt's Insider writer / ink & paint person Marty finished his three-day fact-finding and totally-business-related-and-therefore-tax-deductible trip to Disneyland yesterday, he was given an incredible surprise. Yes, Disneyland honored him and Uncle Walt's Insider, declaring yesterday to be "Uncle Walt's Insider" Day! Marty was made Grand Marshal of the parade, and was presented with the key to Disneyland by Mickey Mouse! (Fear not -- he's not going to leave ... Read more
Be careful which tour you choose. Photo by Ch Th Jo [CC BY-SA 3.0] via Wikimedia Commons.

After complaints, Disneyland halts “Wear Walt’s Shoes” tour

The tour was often mistaken for "Walk in Walt's Footsteps." DISNEYLAND, CA -- For years, Disney fans have shelled out extra, above and beyond park admission, to take the "Walk in Walt's Disneyland Footsteps" tour. The 2-3 hour tour gives guests a in-depth look at Walt Disney's influence on the original Magic Kingdom. Even though it is popular, that tour currently is priced at $109 per person. Budget minded guests were often attracted to the cheaper ($89 per person) tour labeled "Wear ... Read more
Marty is at Disneyland this week. He looks nothing like this. Photo by Carterhawk [CC BY-SA 3.0] via Wikimedia Commons.

Marty is at Disneyland this week!

Come and meet your favorite Uncle Walt's Insider author! Unless your favorite isn't Marty. DISNEYLAND, CA -- Uncle Walt's Insider authors tend to be shy and secretive, only appearing in public in disguise. In fact, we rarely leave our Svalbard headquarters unless we're fairly certain we're not currently wanted, and are at least temporarily off of the No-Fly List. (The Disney Company doesn't handle satire well and has a lot of pull with the U.S. government.) Nevertheless, we do occasionally have to get ... Read more
Some new place opening soon in Disney Parks. First we've heard of it. Photo courtesy Disney.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge already disappointing fans

Apparently the entire land is CGI. Just like the new Soarin'. BATUU, FL -- Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge has not welcomed a single guest, but reports are already coming in that fans are not happy. A growing legion of Star Wars fans are boycotting this new land, and the reason may surprise you. "Blasphemy!" "Worse than Episode 1-3!" "No churros?" Those are just some of the comments we uncovered during our minutes-long investigation. We reached out to one of these disappointed fans, Wookieluvr421, to ... Read more
Spelling counts, kids. Montage of photos by J. Rob McCullough [CC BY-NC-SA 2.0] via Flickr.

Please note: it’s “Dapper Days,” not “Diaper Days”

Completely misread this one. ANAHEIM, CA -- It's safe to say your humble correspondent has never been so, well, humbled. I've not yet recovered from the embarrassment, but I feel it is my public duty to warn others: be sure you understand the event you are attending. Specifically, don't misread "Dapper Days" as "Diaper Days." Diaper Dapper Days Diap... um, Dapper Days are, according to their website, events where folks "step out in style," attending theme parks dressed in elegant and stylish fashions. A week ... Read more