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Details emerge for this year’s “Knott’s Mary Farm”

Knott's Mary Farm's 2019 crop. Photo by Matanya [CC BY-SA 3.0] via Wikimedia Commons & Pixabay.

Coming up after that? Knott’s Carey Farm: a tribute to Drew Carey.

BUENA PARK, CA — The spooky Halloween version of Knott’s Berry Farm, called Knott’s Scarry Farm, is winding down. Soon the park will get its annual Christmas decorations up and be temporarily renamed “Knott’s Mary Farm,” as a tribute to the Virgin Mary.

Theme park history fans will know, of course, that KBF’s founder, Don Knotts, was a lifelong Catholic who left the priesthood to play Barney Fife on the popular Andy Griffith Show. On establishing his theme park in 1834, he dedicated it to the Blessed Mother, with instructions that during every holiday season, the park would be filled with tributes to her.

Something for everyone

Visitors to Knott’s Mary Farm will be treated to a variety of nativity scenes — some live! — and Ave Maria will be playing on a loop throughout the park. In respect to the reverent atmosphere, no rides will be operating until the theming is removed in January.

Parkgoers will find that all of KBF’s famous restaurants will be open as usual. However, on Fridays, only fish will be served. And churros; Mary loved churros (it’s in the Apocrypha somewhere).

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Cover photo: Knott’s Mary Farm’s 2019 crop. Photo by Matanya [CC BY-SA 3.0] via Wikimedia Commons & Pixabay.