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Clarabelle Cow is sidelined with an injury.

News Brief: Clarabell Cow placed on injured reserve list after milking incident

In a surprising mooove, Clarabelle Cow will be out for an undisclosed time period. BURBANK, CALIFORNIA -- Leading bovine lady Clarabelle Cow has been placed on the injured reserve roster, the Disney Company announced Tuesday. In a press release, the company states that Ms. Cow sustained a "very personal injury" during a milking incident, and that no further details will be made public. Placing a character on the injured reserve list allows the company to bring up another character from the minor leagues ... Read more
News Brief: Alien, Klinger and more are official Disney Princesses!

News Brief: Alien, Corporal Klinger now Disney Princesses

Disney's purchase of Fox brings many new princesses into the family. BURBANK, CA -- The Disney Company's acquisition of 21st Century Fox's assets brings a stunning array of well-known characters into Mickey's domain, and today the company made official what many predicted: the title of "Disney princess" has been granted to many of those characters. Newly-crowned princesses include Olive from Little Miss Sunshine, Corporal Max Klinger from M*A*S*H, Scrat the prehistoric squirrel from the Ice Age movies, the robot from Lost In Space, Mary Richards from ... Read more
News Brief - Pixie Dust not to be taken internally.

News Brief: Pixie dust not to be taken internally

Like capsules of laundry detergent, pixie dust may seem edible, but it's not. BURBANK, CA -- In the wake of the "Tide Pod challenge," Disney officials have issued a warning that pixie dust is intended for external application only, and must not be taken internally. "It's never come up before," Disney spokesperson Jun Disney [no relation] told Uncle Walt's, "but apparently you just don't know these days what kids will try. Honestly, we have not tested what might happen if someone swallows ... Read more
Disney. Depositphotos_69250695_original

Disney: controversial changes will be ‘permanent’

Uncle Walt's Insider reported in November about radical changes coming to the Disney company, with far-reaching and controversial impact throughout the resorts, theme parks and even upcoming movies. Disney fan sites and forums, including our own, have been ablaze with heated discussions, with most of the comments being negative. In spite of the controversy, however, Disney announced yesterday that the changes would be permanent. Too much, too soon? When Uncle Walt's first reported the news, blowback was immediate. Although the modifications and additions ... Read more
Six Flags "cast member" Luka Fisher, 22.

Six Flags employee pretends he’s a Disney cast member

Six Flags of Texas employee Luka Fisher loves his job. He just wishes it were somewhere else -- specifically, at one of Walt Disney World's four Florida theme parks. And often, in his head, that's exactly where he is. "I grew up loving Disney," Fisher tells us. "My family even visited Walt Disney World a couple of times when I was in elementary school. And my parents will tell you, once I visited there, I wanted to live there. Not just in ... Read more