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Walt Disney as depicted in the Partners Statue, vaguely gesturing with multiple fingers. Photo by David [CC BY 2.0] via Flikr.

Photos reveal Walt Disney actually pointed with three fingers

New evidence suggests more than just cigarettes were airbrushed from photos of Walt! Many guests at Disney parks worldwide are aware that Disney cast members are not allowed to point with just one finger. Instead, they must either gesture with the whole hand or use the famous "two-finger point." Officially, the reason is to avoid insulting guests from cultures that find pointing offensive, such as China, Indonesia, and Milwaukee. The origin of the two-finger point is a bit hazy, but most Disney fans, ... Read more
A new trend in cruising: shore excursions without leaving the ship!

Cruise line trend: shore excursions without leaving the ship

Other cruise lines are now copying Disney's September 2017 dock encounter. ROATÁN -- As Uncle Walt's Insider reported last year, the Disney Dream backed into a dock at the Port of Nassau, when the Captain was letting his teenage son practice parallel parking. Apparently the Disney Cruise Line is still a trendsetter in the industry, as other cruise lines are experimenting with combining land and sea adventures without leaving the ship: https://youtu.be/3IaXf171iDE The video shows a test run of the MSC Armonia cruise ship's ... Read more
News Brief - April Fools

“Giddy anticipation” for Uncle Walt’s traditional April Fool’s article

For over 37 years, Uncle Walt's Insider has delighted its readers with quality satire on the first day of April. UNCLE WALT'S INSIDER H.Q. -- Regular readers of this website (both of you) have flooded Uncle Walt's offices with letters and emails, and posted on our Facebook and Twitter feeds with what one News Brief writer calls "giddy anticipation" of our traditional April Fools Day prank article. Historically, the writers at Uncle Walt's have reserved their funniest, most biting satire for the ... Read more
Don't worry. Mickey probably isn't Satan. Original photo via DepositPhotos.

Disney data mining: does it keep Mickey in office?

The main Mouse has been the head of the company for decades -- how does he stay in power? Uncle Walt's Insider investigates. With data mining and politics in the news, we at Uncle Walt's Insider had a shocking thought: does Disney use its guest data to keep Mickey Mouse in power? After all, it's common knowledge that the Walt Disney Company tracks guest data, using its Magic Band technology and information supplied by its park-goers and all those who stay at ... Read more
Take your California vacation in Arizona! Photo by Cindy Devin [CC BY 2.0] via Flikr.

Seven money-saving tips for your California vacation

Let Uncle Walt's Insider and the Arizona Office of Tourism help you to have the inexpensive California vacation of your dreams! So you want to take the family to California, but don't have Hollywood-level celebrity cash in your bank account? Fear not! These money-saving tips from the travel experts at Uncle Walt's Insider (with lots of advice and input from the Arizona Office of Tourism) will have you enjoying California's "lifestyles of the rich and famous" on the "budget of a Denny's ... Read more