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Song of the South: the Ride. Photo by Joe Penniston [CC BY-NC-ND 2.0] via Flickr.

Controversy: Disney announces live-action Song of the South

Every other animated feature has had a live remake, so now it's Song of the South's turn. BURBANK, CA - Continuing with its latest business model of remaking beloved animated features, Disney announced that it had begun production of a live-action reboot of the 1946 classic Song of the South. "We feel that this reboot has been necessary for decades," said ABC Disney spokesperson Stephen White. "While the film has received a lot of flack for expressing old sentiments, we'd like to retell the story ... Read more
Not-So-Magical Porthole aboard the Disney Dreamship. Photo © 2012 Disney, if you can still believe anything they say.

DCL disappointment: Magic Portholes do not actually use magic

A four-year undercover investigation reveals the truth. CELEBRATION, FL -- The Walt Disney Company uses the word "magic" a lot -- the Magic Kingdom Park; their first cruise ship, the Disney Magic; the Remember the Magic parade; the "magic underwear" worn by Cast Members who work with characters in the parks so they never have to take potty breaks; and that whole Disney's Magical Wizarding World of Harry Potter thing. But to what extent do they actually use magic? Uncle Walt's investigates As our ... Read more
Disney's Go Away Green - building, speaker, Club 33 door, & Phil

Disney licenses “Go Away Green” to military

Pictured uses of Go Away Green (L-R): 1. show building. 2. speaker. 3. Club 33 door. 4. Phil. BURBANK, CA -- For decades Disney Imagineers have been painting buildings and objects within their parks a dusky shade of bluish-green they call "Go Away Green." It's a color whose entire purpose is to not draw attention, so it can be found on speakers, employees-only gates, a certain Cast Member named Phil that no one likes, and most famously, the original door to the secretive ... Read more
Frozen. Not that one, but the other one.

Kids traumatized when grandmother rents 2010 Frozen

This version has no singing snowman. ARVADA, CO -- A Labor Day visit to their grandparents' house turned traumatic for Ben Skyler, 7, and his 5-year-old sister Ariana, when their grandmother showed them the wrong movie. "My daughter and son-in-law had given us this Apple TV thing last Christmas," says Betty Kijek, the kids' maternal grandmother. "I still haven't figured out why they named it after fruit, but I was happy to just leave it on the Weather Channel all the time. Except, ... Read more
Closed for the holiday.

Labor Day news roundup

Three-day weekend? Time to phone it in. WALT DISNEY WORLD, FL -- It's Labor Day, which means Disney parks worldwide will be closed to give their Cast Members a long weekend off to spend with their families. And what's good enough for the Mouse is good enough for Uncle Walt's Insider! [Ed.: Actually, it's much better.]  So for your holiday reading enjoyment, here are some news and rumors from around Walt Disney World and other parks worldwide, that we would write an article ... Read more