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An Uncle Walt's exclusive: the new trailer for Frozen 2! Photo [CC0] via Elaine Smith on Flickr.

Frozen 2 to awkwardly wedge “Let It Go” into plot

You just knew it was going to be in there somehow. BURBANK, CA -- Time has flown by since Uncle Walt's Insider first debuted the sneak peak trailer for Frozen 2 almost one year ago. Now we are just weeks away from the release of the film! And of all the many surprises and new music we'll finally get, one song will not be a surprise at all. That's right: Let It Go will feature prominently in the film. Our source inside Disney Animation Studios, ... Read more
The old Disney look (left) versus the new standards (right). Or is it the other way around? We can't tell them apart.

Disney’s new “Relaxed Look” policy — too relaxed?

In olden days a glimpse of stocking was looked on as something shocking; now heaven knows, anything goes. SANTA MONICA, CA -- When Walt Disney first opened his beloved park (Disneyland), he mandated that the only mustache allowed in the park be on his face. Cast Member's hair could be no longer than his, and their uniforms had to match the land in which they worked. Thousands of newly-hired Cast Members were forced to get a shave and a haircut, which in ... Read more
The NBA's new logo, alongside Lebron's favorite Epcot Pavilion. Photo via DepositPhotos.

Next year’s NBA “Global Games” will be held at Epcot

"This whole trying to make a buck without ticking off a tyrannical Communist regime thing is hard!" -- Adam Silver, maybe WALT DISNEY WORLD, FL -- Seeking to avoid the international controversy this year's China tour has brought, NBA Kommissar Commissioner Adam Silver announced that next year's Global Games would be held in the World Showcase portion of Epcot. Courts will be set up in each of the twelve country's pavilions, and the games will be played as if they are in the ... Read more
Disney+ is active in the Netherlands! Screenshot by Walt, used without permission, with an assist from Google Translate, since apparently most everyone over there speaks English, so Dutch wasn't even a language option when he logged in. Does anyone even read these photo credits?

Disney+ active in Netherlands; millions of Disney fans moving there

"I don't even speak Netherlandian." ROTTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS -- Disney's new video streaming service, Disney+, won't go live in the U.S. until next month, but some impatient fans aren't waiting. You see, Disney+ is already active in the Netherlands. Consequently, over 10.3 million Disney fans have renounced their U.S. citizenship and applied for permanent residency here. "We expected some increased interest in immigration to our country when we heard Disney would test the service here," said a spokesperson for Dutch Prime Minister Mark ... Read more
Churros. Mmm... churros. Photo by Mark Mitchell [CC BY 2.0] via Flickr. Churros. Mmmmm....

FACT CHECK: Are churros better than cream cheese pretzels?

By a mile. Claim Churros are better than cream cheese pretzels. Rating TRUE, DUH. Analysis Recently opinion-checking website Snopes.com, in a transparent effort to bolster its flagging reputation, reached out to Unclewalts.com to fact-check the claim that churros are better than cream cheese pretzels.  So Snopes spokesperson Juns Nopes (no relation) went along with our very own Uncle Walt on a fact finding mission to Main Street, U.S.A. Mission: compare the delicious churro to the abomination that is the cream cheese pretzel.  After taking a bite of her churro, ... Read more