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Adventures by Disney announces “After Hours” US Capitol Tours

Promotional photos from the new Adventures By Disney "After Hours" U.S. Capitol Tours. Photo by Disney... um really AFP via Getty Images.

It’s the thing to do these days, and Disney’s cashing in!

BURBANK, CA — Adventures by Disney has a brand new excursion, and they hope that real patriots will want to sign up for this one!

The newly-announced “After Hours” US Capitol Tour will bring guests to Washington, D.C. for their adventure. The travelers will be booked into the Trump Hotel, enjoy dining at some of the best restaurants the city has to offer, and then after night falls they’ll head out on tours.

The highlight of the tour will be a special “After Hours” tour of the US Capitol and buildings that house the offices of the members of Congress. They’ll be able to pose for selfies with Capitol police, sit in the Speaker’s chair, or even do stupid puppet shows outside of congressional offices!

Getting in on the fun

Disney (the company) spokesperson Jun Disney (no relation) spoke with Uncle Walt’s about this new tour: “We were inspired by that comedic genius, Stephen Colbert, and his brilliant staff’s lighthearted antics in the Capitol building last week.

“Our Capitol tour is designed for real patriots. You know, if you own a MAGA hat, think that Ron ‘Ronny‘ DeSantis is doing a great job in Florida, or if you think that Covid-19 should be treated as any other respiratory illness (like they do in that backwards country, the United Kingdom), then this tour is for you!”

Unlimited access…?

“Our tour guide will help you enter the buildings when no one else is there,” Disney (no relation) continued, “ensuring you have access to all aspects of Congress, from the offices to chambers of the Senate! It’s all your playground!”

Disney (no relation) did add a few disclaimers that guests will need to know.

“Please note that guests will need to sign waivers, as well as show proof of their own legal representation. Disney (the company) will provide documentation stating that we warned against unlawful entry, and we will lead the way in our media outlets to smear you.

“If you find the US Flag offensive, find Bill Clinton dreamy, and listen to the Obama Podcast, then we highly encourage you to skip this tour and tune into ABC Nightly News to further be indoctrinated, I mean informed, on how evil ‘those’ people are!”

Eh, I’m not sure I want to sign up for this tour. Sounds sketchy, what do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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Cover photo: Promotional photos from the new Adventures By Disney “After Hours” U.S. Capitol Tours. Photo by Disney… um really AFP via Getty Images.