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The former Illuminations fountains and video globe at the State Fair of Texas. Photo by Walt, used without permission, and TheOneVader [CC BY-SA 3.0] via Wikimedia.

Illuminations fountains, video globe, etc. given to State Fair of Texas

The new "Illuminations, Y'all: Reflections of Texas" debuts this weekend. DALLAS, TEXAS -- Texas fans of the Walt Disney World Resort and Spa are seeing some familiar gear at Dallas's Fair Park lately. The video globe that once was the centerpiece of Epcot's Illuminations fireworks show is the most recognizable, but apparently all of the fountains, lasers, barges, and other effects from the show have been packed up and sent to the State Fair of Texas. "We are deeply grateful to the Disney ... Read more
The cast of Song of the South, in their Nike gear. Photo courtesy Disney (the company).

Song of the South *will* be available on Disney+

No word yet on Sunflower the centaur or Dumbo's Jim Crow. BURBANK, CA -- The Internet has been blowing up with stories about Disney+ being tested in the Netherlands. While most fans are excited to be able to stream real Disney classics like Condorman and The Boatniks, one loyal Uncle Walt's Insider fan anonymously [Thanks, Sebastiaan!] shared his findings on Disney+. Not-Sebastiaan said, "There I was swiping through all of the garbage that Disney has put out over the years, looking for real ... Read more
Kevin from Up, who is definitely a girl bird, unless xe decides otherwise. Photo by Josh Hallett [CC BY-SA 2.0] via Flickr.

Russell banned from Wilderness Explorers for misgendering Kevin

There goes his social justice merit badge, too. PARADISE FALLS -- Russell, the beloved Wilderness Explorer from the movie Up, is an Explorer no more. The latest to be targeted by the so-called "cancel culture," Russell was banned from the organization following complaints of misgendering. Kevin, the exotic bird found by Russell and Carl Fredricksen on their adventure to Paradise Falls, apparently filed a complaint with the Wilderness Explorers against Russell. A lot of people say, "Who's that?" A Wilderness Explorers spokesperson using just the single ... Read more
The lion speaks tonight. Photo [CC0] via PxHere & [CC BY-NC 4.0] via PNGImg.com.

Next Lion King: 2D animation, real animal voices

The next in a long series of Lion King remakes will be interesting. BR'ER BANK, CA -- As previously reported, the Walt Disney Studios and Spa are going all-in on Lion King remakes. The second remake (working title: Cats) will be in theaters soon. And now the third remake has been announced for next year -- and it will flip the previous one on its head! (Not literally. Films don't have heads.) 2019's (first) Lion King remake used live animals and human voices. Surprisingly, the 2020 ... Read more
Spider-Man, being held in Vault Disney? Photo by Marvel & Disney via throughthesilverscreen.com.

BREAKING: Disney kidnaps Spider-Man, refuses to give him back to Sony

With great profit comes great desperation. UNDISCLOSED LOCATION, ANAHEIM, CA -- As negotiations have broken down between Sony and Disney over the future of Spider-Man, one side has resorted to extreme measures. Rather than returning Spider-Man to Sony, Disney is apparently holding him as a bargaining chip. "It's absolutely not kidnapping," says Disney (the company) spokesperson Jun Disney (no relation). "For it to be kidnapping, you have to intentionally be keeping a person against their will. And Mr. Parker Spider-Man is being supplied ... Read more