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Disney to “retire” Winnie the Pooh at Xi’s request

Or maybe it's two photos of Pooh Bear? Montage courtesy sky.com.

Pictured above (L-R): Winnie the Pooh, Chairman Xi Jinping.

BURBANK, CA — Sources within the headquarters of The Disney Company confirm that the character of Winnie the Pooh is being “retired” worldwide, at the request of Chairman Xi Jinping of China.

Uncle Walt’s Insider spoke with Disney (the company) spokesperson Jun Disney (no relation) about the change.

“It’s been long known that Chairman Xi is sensitive about his uncanny resemblance to Winnie the Pooh,” Disney (no relation) said. “It’s even confused Joe Biden from time to time. Though to be fair, he gets confused by a lot of things.”

“No great loss”

We think withdrawing Winnie the Pooh permanently is a big deal, but Disney (no relation) was philosophical.

“Well,” she (no relation) said, “Pooh Bear is already banned in China, and China is 95% of our revenue stream these days. So cancelling the character everywhere else is no great loss.

“And quite frankly, we’re pretty tired of our guests asking why we have a Xi Jinping character in our parks.”.

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Cover photo: Or maybe it’s two photos of Pooh Bear? Montage courtesy sky.com.