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Churros. Mmm... churros. Photo by Mark Mitchell [CC BY 2.0] via Flickr. Churros. Mmmmm....

C’mon. Are Disney churros really the best?

We answer one of life's less perplexing riddles.   UNCLE WALT'S INSIDER H.Q., SVALBARD -- Yes.     Do you want more insightful, in-depth reporting like this? Let us know in the comments below! Need more Uncle Walt's in your life? Be sure to LIKE us on Facebook, FOLLOW us on Twitter, and tell everyone you know! Cover photo: Churros. Mmm... churros. Photo by Mark Mitchell [CC BY 2.0] via Flickr. Churros. Mmmmm.... Read more
UWI Step Moms Panel

(Step)Moms Panel: “Is ‘Uncle Walt’ actually still touring Walt Disney World?”

The Uncle Walt's Insider (Step) Moms Panel answers your real questions with their own totally reliable advice. [Lawyer-mandated disclaimer: do NOT rely on this advice. Our panel of experts may or may not be actual stepmoms, but they are definitely evil.] "Dear (Step) Moms: Your article on Saturday was a report from your so-called 'Uncle Walt,' claiming he was still touring Walt Disney World. What kind of idiots do you think we are? The parks are shut down. He's not really still ... Read more
Uncle Walt's Insider Week in Review

Uncle Walt’s Insider Week in Review for March 29

Here's what you missed while doing something much less important!  Appearing this past week on Uncle Walt's Insider: Monday (STEP) MOMS PANEL: HOW DO MY KIDS AND I STAY SANE WHILE STUCK AT HOME? - With schools closed and everyone at home, the (Step) Moms Panel keeps you from going crazy! Tuesday MAYBE SMOKING ISN'T SO BAD, SAYS DISNEY - No offense to the Wu.. uh, wu, woo woo, Covid-19 virus, but cigarettes never shut down the economy. Wednesday "A SHUTDOWN MIRACLE": UNIVERSAL'S VOLCANO BAY ERUPTS DURING CLOSURE ... Read more
What Would Walt Do? Special Report - Inside the WDW Shutdown

Visiting Walt Disney World during a shutdown – Part 1: Magic Kingdom

Our Uncle Walt is at Walt Disney World -- but no one else is! This is the first installment of Walt's trip report from inside the (closed) gates. What is Walt Disney World like during a shutdown? Our own Uncle Walt explores this question in a very special four-part series of What Would Walt Do? MAGIC KINGDOM, FL -- Hi loyal readers, thanks for asking. By now you've probably received a communication in the post that states that all Disney parks are shutdown ... Read more
A much, MUCH cheaper Walt Disney World vacation. Photo by Julian Tysoe [CC-BY-2.0] via Wikimedia.

Parents discover YouTube videos of Disney parks: “No need to go there!”

It's the next best thing to being there. LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Darlene Burke, a Little Rock mother of four, has changed her mind about going to Walt Disney World. And not just for the short term. "We had a trip planned for May, after the kids got out of school," Burke explains. "But with this virus thingy, Steve (her husband) and I decided to cancel while we could. Sure, the kids were disappointed -- us, too -- but they understood when we ... Read more