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Iger on Disney CEO search: “We’ll have to look internally”

Apparently all the good ones are already taken.

BURBANK, CA — Disney CEO Bob “Bob” Iger tells Uncle Walt’s Insider that the search for his successor is apparently not going well.

In a statement faxed to us by Disney (the Company) spokesperson Jun Disney (no relation), Iger is quoted as saying, “As you know, I returned to the company for two years, and two years only, with my only goal being to find the next CEO of The Walt Disney Company. Unfortunately, all the external candidates that we’ve looked at are, for some reason or another, lacking.”

The lackeys, er, lacking candidates

The statement continues with some statements about the external candidates that have been looked at (“Dave Brandon is out, Nick Saban doesn’t want the job, and I can’t get a hold of Joanna Gaines“), and then concludes with, “I guess, as much as I’m loathe to do it, we’ll need to look for candidates inside the company.”

Be sure to stay tuned [Ed.: Do we really tune to a website?] to Uncle Walt’s Insider for the latest news in Disney’s CEO Search.

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Cover photo: You’ll know before Disney or the new CEO knows. We’re just that good.