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Someone strongly resembling Walt Disney holding some kind of smoldering stick. Photo by Fototeca Storica Nazionale./Getty Images.

Maybe smoking isn’t so bad, says Disney

"Smoking never brought the world to a standstill." BURBANK, CA -- As we continue to quarantine ourselves in our office in Svalbard, we're hearing news that Disney is hard at work adding cigarettes back into the various photos of Walt Disney. It's no secret that Disney (the company) worked hard at trying to cover up Walt's smoking habit. Many historical photographs of Walt Disney were altered to remove tobacco products. But with Covid-19 shutting down all public activity, Imagineers have determined that ... Read more
Entrance to the soon-to-be-demolished Hong Kong Disneyland. Photo by Joel [CC BY-ND 2.0] via Flickr.

CNN: Saying “Hong Kong Disneyland” and “Disneyland Shanghai” is racist

Like Will Rogers and Congress, we never lack for material. ATLANTA, GA -- CNN commentators have denounced Uncle Walt's Insider for describing Disney's two Chinese theme parks as "Disneyland Shanghai" and "Hong Kong Disneyland." They claim that using description of the parks' foreign location is racist. In our defense: (1) The terms are just a description of a geographic fact; and (2) CNN itself has used those names (here & here, from just the past 30 days). We'll keep you posted as the ... Read more

UWI Guide to Avoiding Coronavirus in Disney Parks

Pfft. Like any of us would stay home from Disney. UNCLE WALT'S INSIDER H.Q., SVALBARD -- From our frigid island home in the North Sea [Seriously, Walt, let us turn up the heat in the office!], we've been monitoring the health crisis sweeping the globe. And we know that nothing will stop rabid Disney fans from getting their park fix (though closing the Shanghai and Hong Kong parks have slowed a few people down). Because of that, we've assembled a few tips on ... Read more
A promotional graphic for DIsney's new Coronavirus Dance Parties. Photo [CC0] via Pixabay.

BREAKING: Disney announces “Coronavirus Dance Parties”

It's like the old chickenpox parties, but with dancing! BURBANK, CA -- With the ever-growing news on the COVID-19 pandemic, many public gatherings are being canceled, including NCAA & NBA sporting events, churches and schools. But Disney leadership has decided to take a different path. There will be an all-new offering at all Disney theme parks in the U.S.: The Coronavirus Dance Party. Each park will hold these dance parties nightly. Not unprecedented "Do you remember the chickenpox parties from when we were kids?" asked ... Read more
Leaked photo of Disneyland Escanaba construction, probably. Photo by Inset photo by Adirondack Explorer.

UPDATE: Disneyland Escanaba construction underway!

We're bumping our regular (Step)Moms Panel discussion for this breaking news! ESCANABA, MI -- Yoopers across the globe are celebrating, because they will soon have a Disney park in their own backyard. That's an expression, by the way. The park won't be literally in anyone's backyard. That would cause a lot of problems, and the park would have to be really small. Unless they found someone with a gigantic backyard. ... What were we writing about again? Oh, yeah. Silencing the doubters While some ... Read more