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Canada, "America's Hat," according to the Epcot Map. Image © Disney, perhaps modified a tad.

Polite outrage: Epcot map lists Canada Pavilion as “America’s Hat”

We anticipate some very apologetic protestors. WALT DISNEY WORLD, FL -- Extremely polite letters and emails have been sent from multiple Canadian residents, and at least one government official, after the official Epcot park map described the Canada Pavilion as "America's Hat." Unknown prankster "I saw it right away," said Regina, Saskatchewan native Erin Stafford. "This was the first trip to Epcot for me and my husband, so of course I wanted to see the pavilion of my homeland. When I saw what the ... Read more
2022 Beijing Olympics will be held at Epcot?

2022 Winter Olympics to be held at China Pavilion

"So much of the infrastructure is already in place." BEIJING, CHINA -- Preparations continue for the XXIV Olympic Winter Games, the first Winter games to be held in China, scheduled for February 2022. And now organizers say that some or all of the competitions may be held at Epcot. Cai Qi, president of the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee, spoke with Uncle Walt's Insider through a translator. "Having the games at Epcot solves many problems," Cai's interpreter said that Cai said. "We already have a ... Read more
Take the plunge on La Grande Sortie, new for 2019! Photo CC0 via PxHere.

New coaster will deposit guests outside of the park

Montréal's Six Flags park tries a daring new ride strategy. MONTRÉAL, QUEBEC -- La Ronde, Six Flags' one Canadian theme park, will open a new ride this season with a unique feature. It will deposit its riders outside of the park, forcing them to either pay to come back in or go home for the day. La Grande Sortie (in English, "The Big Sortie") is a simple ride. Riders seated four across, in a car with seven rows, exit the loading area directly onto ... Read more
The first live-action Bambi; the search for a second is under way. Photo by via pinsdaddy.

Movie tragedy: live action “Bambi” films during deer season

Art imitates life, and vice versa. NACOGDOCHES, TX -- There are some things you just don't do: You don't tug on Superman's cape. You don't spit into the wind. You don't pull the mask off the old Lone Ranger. And you definitely don't film a live action movie involving deer in east Texas during hunting season. Walt Disney Studios has been on an animated-to-live kick lately, adapting beloved animated classics into live action films. Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Dumbo, the Lion King, Home ... Read more
MagicPay+ allows you to pay at non-Disney retailers! Photo © Disney, via YouTube.

Disney MagicPay+™ coming to a retailer near you

Now you can use your MagicBands after you get home from Walt Disney World! BURBANK, CA -- The Walt Disney Company has announced that beginning in Fall of 2019, you'll be able to use your MagicBands outside of the Walt Disney World Resort, with the launch of a new service called MagicPay+™. This service is not only designed to compete with services such as Apple Pay and Android Pay, but will also act as a way to track rewards with participating retailers, ... Read more