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Uncle Walt's Insider Puzzle Time!

Puzzle Fun – Mickey word search!

"Puzzle Fun" is a recurring feature we just thought up. We at Uncle Walt's Insider know that being a Disney fan is exhausting, miserable work. Still, some of you like to, you know, relax and have fun in spite of the drudgery. So with you in mind, we present our first installment of Uncle Walt's Puzzle Fun! How many "MICKEY"'s can you find hidden in the puzzle below? Comment with your count, then check the answer key at the bottom. No cheating! ... Read more
Steve, the replacement for Epcot's Illuminations. Photo © 2018 Disney (no relation).

Illuminations replacement: “a guy named Steve”

Disney goes low-tech for Epcot's new nighttime spectacular. WALT DISNEY WORLD, FL -- Illuminations: Reflections of Earth has been a crowd favorite at E.P.C.O.T. Center and Spa since the early 90's. Illuminations, a dazzling combination of music, fireworks, pyrotechnics, yogurt, lasers, torches, live marine mammals, and a rotating globe with continent-shaped video screens (which show scenes of earth's history, mankind's achievements, and occasional live sporting events), remains extremely popular. [Note: The yogurt thing might just be me. I always enjoy a drinkable yogurt during Illuminations.]  In ... Read more
Artist's concept of Disneyland Hobbiton, the view up Main Street Middle Earth.

Disneyland Hobbiton coming to New Zealand?

Rumors... er, rumours fly about a new Disney/Peter Jackson venture. MATAMATA, NEW ZEALAND -- It sounds like amazing, and too good to be true. Insiders within the Disney company and Peter Jackson's Wingnut Films are passing along rumors that a new Disneyland-style park may be coming to New Zealand. Even better, the entire park will be both completely Disney, but themed to the Lord of the Rings stories and films. Sure, this may sound completely made-up, and fans desperate for this to be true will ... Read more
Ticket pricing guide. Photo by numerologysign [CC BY 2.0] via Flickr.

WDW ticket prices to be based on horoscopes

Just one week after date-based ticket prices start, Disney changes the system again. WALT DISNEY WORLD, FL -- It was only last month that the Walt Disney World Resort and Spa announced date-based pricing for its park admission. Shortly after that, the company responded to guest backlash by modifying the system, where admission was free but exiting the parks cost money. Now the system is changing again, to a variable-pricing system that a Disney spokesperson claims "takes all the guesswork out of it": ... Read more
Artist's sketch of the Vatican pavilion at Epcot. Public domain, courtesy Pixabay.

Lost Attractions: Epcot’s Vatican City pavilion

"Lost Attractions" is a recurring feature on Uncle Walt's Insider, where we shine the spotlight on planned attractions that were never built. Rumors are flying once again about pavilions being added to EPCOT Centre's World Showcase, the "permanent world's fair." No specific plans have been announced, but as our reader poll below shows, front-runners for the new pavilion include Guam, Cleveland, and Morocco. But to us, the most interesting rumor is for a pavilion based on the Vatican City -- because a Vatican ... Read more