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Some new place opening soon in Disney Parks. First we've heard of it. Photo courtesy Disney.

Exclusive photos from Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge! (((placeholder article)))

It's here! We give you the inside look at <<new thing>>! PLACE, STATE -- [Ed.: Marty, the new Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge land opens at Disneyland on Friday, May 31. I've set this article up to publish on that date. BE SURE to fill it in with updates, photos, and information before it runs! Don't screw this up!] [Marty: I won't let you down, boss!] <<Generic reader question to make it seem we care what they think>>? Let us know in the comments below! Need ... Read more
Extremely deceptive concept art of the new Hagrid ride. Photo courtesy Universal Orlando.

Sad: Hagrid can’t ride his own attraction

The concept art is a LIE. ORLANDO, FL -- As fans of the Fantastic Beasts movies and their seven prequels excitedly await the June arrival of the new attraction at Universal Orlando Resort and Spa, some bad news. The very namesake of "Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure" will not be able to enjoy his own ride. "It's not for a lack of trying," says Universal (the company) spokesperson Junie Versal (no relation). "We really wanted to be able to give Hagrid a sneak preview ... Read more
The partially dismantled Spaceship Earth. Photo © Disney.

Contractors removing Leave a Legacy stones accidentally dismantle Spaceship Earth

Oops. WALT DISNEY WORLD, FL -- As part of "Epcot 2.0," the granite Leave a Legacy markers in the Epcot entrance plaza are being removed to a location outside the gates. However, as the photo above shows, the contractor charged with the job thought he was taking out Spaceship Earth as well. An embarrassed Walt Disney World Resort administration has admitted that "maybe the instructions could have been clearer." Behind schedule There is no word as to when the de-construction will be corrected. An official ... Read more
The famous Dead Sea Tupperware. Photo [CC0] via

Archaeologists find lost city of Agrabah

Pictured: a archealogical dig unearths the famous "Dead Sea Tupperware." AMMAN, JORDAN -- Scientists may have discovered the location of Agrabah, the city featured in the movie Aladdin and its sequels (Aladdin Reloaded, Aladdin Revolutions, and Aladdin in Space: a Galaxy Jafar, Far Away).  Dr. Afra Karim, of the Cinematic Historical Society, announced the discovery in a press conference on Monday. Karim stated that their latest find, the famous Dead Sea Tupperware, confirms the location. Much evidence "This is just the latest piece of the ... Read more
Concept art for new Space: 1999 - Constellation's Border land at two Six Flags parks. Photo by Chris [CC BY-NC-SA 2.0] via Flickr.

Six Flags announces new land: “Space: 1999 – Constellation’s Border”

"It's not a ripoff of Galaxy's Edge, because Space: 1999 wasn't a ripoff of Star Wars." GRAND PRAIRIE, TX -- "It's like nothing you've ever seen before." That's the official word from Six Flags (the company) spokesperson Jun Flags (no relation) about the new lands coming to Six Flags Over Georgia and Six Flags Magic Mountain. "When I say 'It's like nothing you've ever seen before,' I mean that literally," says Flags (no relation), "and can legally continue to say it until Friday when ... Read more