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UWI Step Moms Panel

(Step)Moms Panel: How do I save money at Disney World?

The Uncle Walt's Insider (Step) Moms Panel answers your real questions with their own totally reliable advice. [Lawyer-mandated disclaimer: do NOT rely on this advice. Our panel of experts may or may not be actual stepmoms, but they are definitely evil.] "Dear (Step)Moms: My family and I are planning on taking our first trip to Disney World next July. Everyone tells me that Disney World is expensive. How can I save money on my upcoming trip?" -Carina Paget, Bethany IA Walt: Thanks for ... Read more
We didn't have any pictures from the live-action Little Mermaid, so here's one from Mulan instead. Photo © 2019 Disney.

Little Mermaid remake canceled; activists demanded real mermaids be cast

Social Justice Warriors claim a victory for Pisci-Americans everywhere. BR'ER BANK, CA -- The Disney Studios has canceled production on its live-action remake of 1989's The Little Mermaid. The move follows controversy over its casting. Apparently, activists decry the fact that no actual mermaids had been cast in mermaid roles. "Sure, back in the 80's you could get away with casting Jodi Benson as a mermaid," one activist told Uncle Walt's Insider. "Even though, I bet, she's never been underwater longer than a ... Read more
Uncle Walt's (Step)Mom Panel -- the logo, not the people. Evil Queen, Narissa, and Lady Tremaine © Disney. The appearance of the evil Disney stepmoms in this graphic is not meant to imply endorsement or involvement of the Disney Company or its stepmothers.

Announcing the Uncle Walt’s Insider (Step)Moms Panel!

Finally, personal theme park advice that's just as super-reliable as the rest of our website! Uncle Walt's Insider is proud to announce the debut of our inaugural (Step)Moms Panel! And unlike some panels that are focused on a single brand, our team of experts will provided answers about anything, as long as it's slightly theme-park related! Have questions about Walt Disney World? Disneyland? Universal Studios? Six Flags? Legoland? Alton Towers? Dubai Land? Ferrari World? Gyeongju? Our panel of experts can give you answers, ... Read more
The newest stage production at Disney's Hyperion Theater. Photo by VillageTheatre [CC BY-SA 4.0] via Wikimedia.

Les Misérables will replace Frozen at the Hyperion Theater

It was only a matter of time. ANAHEIM, CA -- The Hyperion Theater at Disney's California Adventure & Spa has struggled for years to find an audience. The current production, Frozen - Live at the Hyperion, has been running since approximately 1972 (oddly predating both the movie Frozen and the park it's in). And yet Frozen is deeply unpopular. Its showings are mostly empty, with only a few lost stragglers staying to watch the adventures of Anna, Elsa, Olaf, and Skippy the Wonder Lizard. So ... Read more
Just a few of the channels that will come into your home by a wire!

Disney+ announces cable-based “Everything Bundle” for $290/month

The innovative partnership with Time Warner will require your home to be connected to cable or fiber. LOS ANGELES, CA -- Earlier this week, Disney announced the pricing of its new streaming service, Disney+. At the time, they also described a bundled service that includes Hulu & ESPN+ for just $13 per month. Now Disney+ is swinging for the fences, with a new "Everything Bundle" that will include every TV channel currently in existence, for only $290 per month! For the new bundle, ... Read more