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The free "celebration" buttons at Universal Orlando.

Universal Studios to offer free buttons

Guest surveys determined the theme of each button. ORLANDO, FL -- Universal Studios Florida is taking a cue from its Disney neighbor, and has begun offering free "celebration buttons" to its visitors. They will not exactly match Walt Disney World's buttons, however, which celebrate a guest's first visit, birthday, marriage/anniversary or circumcision. Instead, the message on Universal's four free buttons was determined by visitor surveys. The four most popular choices from the surveys have been put into production. They are: "Just here for Harry" By ... Read more
WDW "return routing" construction. Photo courtesy

Disney reroutes exit roads to return to WDW

Guests will be "more than encouraged" to stay a little longer. WALT DISNEY WORLD, FL -- "Here in Florida, we have something special that we never enjoyed at Disneyland: the blessing of size," Walt Disney said. With today's news, he might have added, "... and the blessing of absolutely controlling our guests and their spending." An anonymous source inside the Walt Disney Company [Ed.: Hi, Fred!] admitted today that the extensive road work at the Walt Disney World Resort and Spa includes "return routing." ... Read more
Cinderella Castle (inflatable) at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom Park. Public domain, via Pixabay.

Backlash: Disney changes stance on date-based ticketing

Ticket prices will no longer be based on the day you arrive at the park, but when you leave it. WALT DISNEY WORLD, FL -- The Walt Disney World Resort and Spa announced last week a transition to so-called "date-based" ticketing. In the new system, which was to have begun on October 16, park admission prices would go up or down depending on the popularity of the date you used the ticket. Backlash was swift, so now Disney has announced a change to ... Read more, now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Uncle Walt's Insider.

BREAKING: Uncle Walt’s to acquire

The rumored $1B buyout was modeled after Disney's purchase of UNCLE WALT'S H.Q., SVALBARD -- Uncle Walt's Insider is pleased to announce its acquisition of Stupid Guest Tricks, a website founded within minutes of the creation of the internet, is a forum-based discussion site which focuses on theme park stories and bad guest behavior. It reaches an estimated 7 billion people each week, or would if they would just put the address in their web browsers. "The timing could not be better," ... Read more
Photo of Vault Disney courtesy of Disney, duh.

Disney classics not yet made into sequels

We help Disney to know what movies to make next. UNCLE WALT'S H.Q., SVALBARD -- With Christopher Robin still in theaters, Mary Poppins Returns coming in December, and announcement of a new live action Song of the South, you may be asking, what's left of Disney's classic films? What other movies from their history could they possibly remake or add a sequel to? Well, our crack team of researchers here at our Longyearbyen headquarters [Ed.: where it's illegal to die, by the way] have assembled a list ... Read more