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Walt Disney World's former, non-digital Lost and Found. Photo courtesy of

WDW’s new “online Lost and Found” just links to eBay

Still a step up from the previous system. WALT DISNEY WORLD, FL -- The official Disney Parks Blog announced last Thursday that the Lost and Found Department at the Walt Disney World Resort was going digital, but it may not be all it's cracked up to be. Disney says that the new system is "an online tool to make it even easier and more convenient for you to report lost items." Guests can go to to fill out a lost item report. ... Read more
Accused perp Donald Duck. Photo by Loren Javier [CC BY-ND 2.0] via Flickr.

Another Disney star accused of inappropriate remarks

Fortunately, though, no one could really understand him. ANAHEIM, CA -- Directly in the wake of the controversy surrounding a certain Disney/ABC personality making outrageous and offensive comments, another popular celebrity associated with the brand has come under fire. Donald Duck, beloved cartoon character and company icon, was accused by a Disneyland park guest of making "inappropriate and sexist remarks" to her as she passed by. The guest, who filed the complaint anonymously (but who we found was Eunice Garbitt, 24, a graduate student at ... Read more
Wakanda. Image courtesy of

Wakandans protest new Epcot pavilions

You'd think their priority would be the whole Thanos aftermath, but no. WALT DISNEY WORLD, FL -- It's been a busy few months for the African nation of Wakanda. Shortly after revealing their existence to the United Nations, the tiny but prosperous country was forced to fight off Thanos and his alien invaders. The dust has barely settled (or ash blown away) from that incident, but the Wakandans have started a new battle, and this time it's a diplomatic one: they want ... Read more
Mr. & Mrs. Abram Grant and new houseguest. Portrait photography by pxhere [CC BY 2.0] &

Hitchhiking ghost actually follows family home

"We always thought that 'a ghost will follow you home' line was just a joke." ST. GEORGE, UT -- The Haunted Mansion ride at Disneyland Park has been giving guests light-hearted scares since it opened in 1969. After entering the house through a mysterious stretching room, guests board "doom buggies" which take them through the mansion, meeting ghouls and ghosts along the way. But for one Utah family, the creepiness didn't end when they exited the ride. "There's a part at the end ... Read more
Closed for the holiday.

Uncle Walt’s closed for Derg Downfall Day

Enjoy your day celebrating the 1991 overthrow of the military junta ruling Ethiopia!* Uncle Walt's will return tomorrow with the latest and greatest in super-reliable theme park news. *Just kidding, folks. Happy Memorial Day. Need more Uncle Walt's in your life? Be sure to LIKE us on Facebook, FOLLOW us on Twitter, and tell everyone you know (plus a few strangers) how wonderful (and humble) we are! Read more