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Australian quarantine camp renamed “Disneyland Down Under” to quell protests

Okay, they say they've cancelled the plans to open a camp at Toowoomba. They "say". Image via &

We’re already booking our plane tickets.

TOOWOOMBA, AUSTRALIA — The government of Australia has figured out how to counter the protests against their aggressive anti-Covid policies: marketing.

“That’s right,” Down Under (the country nickname) spokesperson Jun Under (no relation) tells Uncle Walt’s Insider. “When we rip someone out of their home and ship them to a ‘camp’ based on a health scare, for some reason a lot of folks didn’t like it. I mean, not just the ones we’re locking up, but other people around the world. It was puzzling.

“But we’ve solved that little problem here and abroad. One quick camp-renaming later, and folks are thrilled that they’ve won a ‘free trip to Disneyland Down Under.’ Now everyone is happy.”

Not everyone

“Okay, not everyone is happy,” Under (no relation) admits. “The Disney Company has expressed their displeasure. Funny, we thought they were okay with concentration camps and heavy-handed suppression based on their dealings in China. Plus they had their own Covid-19 ward on Tom Sawyer Island.”

So is the Disneyland name going away, we asked?

“Oh, no, not yet,” says Under (no relation). “Sure, Disney sent a few lawyers around to complain, but we suspected them of having Covid. Off to the ‘park’ they went.”

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Cover photo: Okay, they say they’ve cancelled the plans to open a camp at Toowoomba. They “say”. Image via &