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A fake Legacy Award name tag? Photo credit: Cory Doctorow via Flikr, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0), modified.

Cast member grants Legacy Award to self using blue magic marker

Disney's highest employee award is just one arts-and-crafts project away! We here at Uncle Walt's Insider love and appreciate Disney cast members and other dedicated theme park employees. As such we especially watch out for cast members who have won the highest award available to them: the Legacy Award, which allows the cast member to wear a special white-on-blue name tag. Imagine our surprise, then, on encountering one such winner who appears to have made his own Legacy Award name tag using ... Read more
Just some of the Disney vloggers who accidentally met at Hollywood Studios.

News Brief: Every Disney vlogger converges on single location; YouTube implodes

In a stunning coincidence, every single active YouTube Disney vlogger just happened to show up in the same spot at the Studios on Thursday. DISNEY'S HOLLYWOOD STUDIOS -- A chance meeting between well-known video bloggers, or "vloggers," SirWillow and TimTracker at Disney's Hollywood Studios last Thursday quickly escalated, as dozens of Disney vloggers converged on the site, apparently coincidentally. Witnesses report a crowd of dozens of the YouTube stars on Grand Avenue near the MuppetVision theater, including Adam the Woo, Justin Scarred, World ... Read more
Disney unveils new Monorail Clear

Disney unveils transparent monorail

After Disney's successful open-door monorail test two weeks ago, "Monorail Clear" makes its first run Little more than a week after plans were leaked about a possible new "convertible monorail" design coming to Walt Disney World Resort, the Disney company has surprised everyone with a totally unexpected addition to the fleet: an entirely transparent monorail train. The new "Monorail Clear" debuted on Saturday. A new addition to an aging fleet The Walt Disney World monorail system, one of the most heavily-traveled in the world, ... Read more
News Brief - Pixie Dust not to be taken internally.

News Brief: Pixie dust not to be taken internally

Like capsules of laundry detergent, pixie dust may seem edible, but it's not. BURBANK, CA -- In the wake of the "Tide Pod challenge," Disney officials have issued a warning that pixie dust is intended for external application only, and must not be taken internally. "It's never come up before," Disney spokesperson Jun Disney [no relation] told Uncle Walt's, "but apparently you just don't know these days what kids will try. Honestly, we have not tested what might happen if someone swallows ... Read more
Disney. Depositphotos_69250695_original

Disney: controversial changes will be ‘permanent’

Uncle Walt's Insider reported in November about radical changes coming to the Disney company, with far-reaching and controversial impact throughout the resorts, theme parks and even upcoming movies. Disney fan sites and forums, including our own, have been ablaze with heated discussions, with most of the comments being negative. In spite of the controversy, however, Disney announced yesterday that the changes would be permanent. Too much, too soon? When Uncle Walt's first reported the news, blowback was immediate. Although the modifications and additions ... Read more