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Club 33 Express fast food on a highway exit sign. Photo from DepositPhotos.com, modified.

Coming near you: Disney franchises Club 33

Now everyone can enjoy a meal at Club 33! BURBANK, CA -- It is one of the most exclusive clubs in the world -- or it used to be, at least. Disneyland's members-only Club 33 is not just at Disneyland any more. First Disney announced that they would be expanding Club 33 from Disneyland-only to each of the four parks of Walt Disney World. Now word has leaked that Disney is licensing the name of Club 33 to fast-food franchises around the country. The ... Read more

Meet the 12 new Disney Legends to be honored at D23 Expo

One truly deserving new Disney Legend! And also eleven people. ANAHEIM, CA -- Disney has announced the latest round of Disney Legends to be honored at the 2019 D23 Expo, held annually in Anaheim, CA. The tribute dates back to 1987, when Fred MacMurray (star of The Absent-Minded Shaggy Flubber Millionaire) was honored as the very first Disney Legend. The recipients of this award are Disney's brightest stars and notable luminaries who continue Walt Disney's legacy and contribute to the ongoing success ... Read more
Three o'clock parade, time unknown. Photo by John Frost [CC BY-ND 2.0] via Flickr.

Mickey Standard Time signed into law

We knew Congress was a Mickey Mouse operation. WASHINGTON, D.C. -- People grumble about the change from Daylight Savings to Standard Time and back again, and the grumbling is only growing louder. But how do we fix the problem? It's no secret that time zones are difficult to figure out -- especially when you change the time a couple of times a year. Even the brilliant minds at Apple, Microsoft, and Bob's Computer Repair Emporium & Bait Shop have been unable to ... Read more
Uncle Walt's Insider FAQ.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions? We get them. Frequently. For those of you wanting to know a little more about Uncle Walt's Insider, here are some of the frequent questions we are asked... frequently repeatedly: Q. Why does Uncle Walt's Insider exist? A. Our purpose is summed up by our founder, Uncle Walt: "There's so much misinformation out there. We're just doing what we can to help." You know, there are three or four hundred other websites that specialize in Disney and other theme park news. So we want ... Read more
The world's 5th richest man, er, duck. Photo © Walt Disney Productions.

Scrooge McDuck refusing to release tax returns

He's being touted as a replacement for Bob Iger. But what do we really know about him? DUCKBURG -- Famed ultra-wealthy Disney character Scrooge McDuck, the fifth-richest person in the world (and richest duck), is in the running for CEO of the Disney Company when Bob Iger steps down. [Ed.: There's a "down" joke in there somewhere.] But some detractors say we don't know enough about him, and are demanding to see his tax returns. So far, McDuck has refused. Conflicts of interest? One shareholder [Hi, ... Read more