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The Honorary Dapper Dan card of Indiana native Gus Lozuk.

“Honorary Dapper Dan” gets Waffle House discount

There are some perks that come with singing with the Dapper Dans. SEYMOUR, INDIANA -- For Indiana native Gus Lozuk, singing with the Dapper Dans barbershop quartet was a highlight of his 2012 trip to Florida's Magic Kingdom Park... and the "Honorary Dapper Dan" card he received that day has brought unexpected benefits. "I was eating at the local Waffle House a few years ago and was showing a friend the card. The manager saw it, and told me that it was ... Read more

Gorton’s to acquire struggling Sea World theme parks

"We know how to best serve the sea life in our care." GLOUCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS -- In a statement released Thursday morning, frozen seafood company Gortons, Inc., announced that they had acquired SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment. The SeaWorld parks, which have seen falling attendance following criticism of their handling of the sea creatures in their care, have been looking for a buyer for several months. Gorton's spokesman Rudy Hartell tells Uncle Walt's Insider, "It's synergy. They have sea creatures, we need sea creatures. ... Read more
Hey, it's Uncle Walt's News Brief graphic with logos from several other websites!

News Brief: Snopes, Facebook rate Uncle Walt’s Insider ‘110% accurate’

We're, like, beyond true here. UNCLE WALT'S H.Q. -- In the wake of Christian satirical news site The Babylon Bee being threatened by Facebook for promoting "fake news," Uncle Walt's Insider released a statement today reassuring its readers that they can completely trust what they read here (see the full text of the statement below). In fact, as the statement says, both fact-checking website Snopes and the Facebook truthiness division (or whatever they're called) have evaluated every article ever appearing on Uncle ... Read more
A Rapid Fill soda dispenser installed in a home. Photo includes images by Clubcola soda machine [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons, and orlando-florida.net.

Man installs Rapid Fill reusable mug system at home

Soda is bad for your health, mmm-kay? For all the soda addicts out there, here's an ingenious way to help fight the addiction. Uncle Walt's Insider has the exclusive story about a Florida man who has installed a commercial soda dispensing system in his home, and says that it will cut down on the amount of soda his family drinks. What is Rapid Fill? For a long time, Disney Resort Guests have been able to buy refillable mugs, which they could use throughout their ... Read more
News Brief: Chick-fil-A

News Brief: Disney merger with Chick-fil-A; Sunday park closures looming?

Merger negotiations continue, but the tasty chicken sandwich chain's Sunday closure policy has stalled progress.  ATLANTA, GA -- Sources in both the Walt Disney Company and Chick-fil-A have confirmed publicly that a Disney/Chick-fil-A merger is being negotiated. Rumors continue to fly around Disney and chicken-based websites about the details, but Uncle Walt's Insider has learned that Chick-fil-A's policy of closing its stores on Sundays is a major sticking point in the negotiations. While nothing has been agreed at this time, it is ... Read more