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A few of the remaining functional cars at Tomorrowland Speedway. Photo by Theme Park Tourist [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons.

Car #19 breaks down at Autopia and Speedway on the same day

Is this a sign of maintenance issues at the parks? ANAHEIM, CA and WALT DISNEY WORLD, FL -- Uncle Walt's Insider has learned that Car #19 at the Tomorrowland Speedway in Magic Kingdom, and Car #19 at the Autopia in Disneyland Park recently broke down on the same day. Although the two attractions are run separately from each other, it is a curious coincidence. Uncle Walt's reached out to Tom "Click" Tappet, Supervisor of Maintenance at the Magic Kingdom Park, who told us, ... Read more
Herman's Hermits plays the same old stuff at Epcot's Garden Rocks. Photo by Willis Kingdom via YouTube.

Guest complains that Epcot band played same songs last year

People want to hear hits, ok? WALT DISNEY WORLD, FL -- Following a recent "Garden Rocks" concert at Epcot Centre's International Festivus of Pollen and Allergies [Ed.: I think that's suppose to be "EPCOT's International Flower and Garden Festival"], one irate guest went to Guest Relations to complain that the featured band had performed many of the same songs when he saw them last year. Mr. Steven Tyler (no relation) of Falls Church, VA, attended the May 5 "Garden Rocks" concert at Walt Disney ... Read more
Pyongyang Park. Photo by Kristoferb [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Rumor: Epcot to add North Korea pavilion!

The thaw in international tensions may affect Walt Disney World. WALT DISNEY WORLD, FL -- As people around the world continue to closely watch the drama unfolding on the Korean peninsula, Disney fans may have an additional reason to cheer. With decades-old tensions relaxing, giving rise to the possibility of reconciliation between North and South Korea, rumors are flying that Epcot may add another country to World Showcase: North Korea! Given the success of Disneyland Pyongyang, it was likely only a matter of time ... Read more
Summer heat.

Theme parks in summer: tips for beating the heat

Forget hi-tech towels and misting fans -- Uncle Walt's Insider tells you the best ways to stay cool. UNCLE WALT'S HQ -- As we approach the summer months, theme park visitors will soon be dealing with high temperatures (except at Universal Studios Idaho, of course). Although many travel sites provide tips for staying cool, Uncle Walt's brave correspondents aren't afraid to think outside the box when it comes to heat-busting ideas. [Ed.: Some aren't even aware there is a box, Ub.] Here are some tried and ... Read more
Dumbo the Flying Elephant, visiting Shanghai. Photo by Jeremy Thompson [CC BY 2.0] via Flikr.

TSA updates ‘No-Fly List’ policy for Dumbo ride

Pint-sized terror suspects no longer have to worry about being denied boarding. WASHINGTON, DC -- As Uncle Walt's Insider readers know, the Homeland Security Department's "no-fly list" kept a toddler off of the Dumbo ride in December. New rules issued by the Transportation Security Administration this week may avoid that issue in the future. As reported here, the Cooper family of Athens, Ohio, including both parents, one grandmother, and three children, were denied boarding on Magic Kingdom’s iconic Dumbo the Flying Elephant ride, ... Read more