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News Brief: early Characters in Flight design.

Revealed: Characters in Flight first draft used catapult

Admit it: this would have been a lot more fun. WALT DISNEY WORLD, FL -- "Characters in Flight," the popular Disney Springs attraction that takes guests 14,500 feet in the air while strapped to the underside of a giant, colorful hydrogen balloon, looked very different during its planning stages. Internal documents from Aerophile S.A., the French company which designed and built the attraction, have been uncovered by Uncle Walt's Insider, and show that the early drafts of the ride featured a trebuchet ... Read more
News Brief - April Fools

“Giddy anticipation” for Uncle Walt’s traditional April Fool’s article

For over 37 years, Uncle Walt's Insider has delighted its readers with quality satire on the first day of April. UNCLE WALT'S INSIDER H.Q. -- Regular readers of this website (both of you) have flooded Uncle Walt's offices with letters and emails, and posted on our Facebook and Twitter feeds with what one News Brief writer calls "giddy anticipation" of our traditional April Fools Day prank article. Historically, the writers at Uncle Walt's have reserved their funniest, most biting satire for the ... Read more
Don't worry. Mickey probably isn't Satan. Original photo via DepositPhotos.

Disney data mining: does it keep Mickey in office?

The main Mouse has been the head of the company for decades -- how does he stay in power? Uncle Walt's Insider investigates. With data mining and politics in the news, we at Uncle Walt's Insider had a shocking thought: does Disney use its guest data to keep Mickey Mouse in power? After all, it's common knowledge that the Walt Disney Company tracks guest data, using its Magic Band technology and information supplied by its park-goers and all those who stay at ... Read more
News Brief - it's a story about a tiger! Pretty tiger!

Animal Kingdom’s “Ride the Tiger” attraction to remain closed

The popular wild animal encounter "just had one mauling too many." WALT DISNEY WORLD, FL -- Uncle Walt's Insider reported in November that Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park's popular “Ride the Tiger” experience was “suspended indefinitely.” Park officials confirmed Wednesday that the once popular encounter will not reopen. The attraction, an extra-cost experience located next to the Maharajah Jungle Trek, had received numerous complaints, and at least three guests were hospitalized over a period of several months for “bites and scratches.” In addition, Uncle Walt's ... Read more
A totally nice, behaving tour group from Brazil. It's not everybody, okay? Photo by Scott Smith [CC BY-NC-ND 2.0] via Flikr.

Seven tips for Brazilian tour groups

Note: the following article was written in English and translated into Portuguese using Google Translate. Any errors in translation, poor grammar, or insulting language are therefore not the responsibility of Uncle Walt's Insider, unless of course we put them in the original article on purpose. The original English version can be found on page two. O Walt Disney World Resort, na Flórida, recebe muitos visitantes internacionais durante todo o ano. A maioria viaja para os Estados Unidos com a família ou amigos, ... Read more