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Puzzle Fun – Discover a message from Uncle Walt!

Uncle Walt's Insider Puzzle Time!

It’s Super Puzzle Fun Time again!

UNCLE WALT’S INSIDER H.Q., SVALBARD — We hadn’t had puzzle time here at Uncle Walt’s Insider in a while! So we thought we’d give you something fun to while away those chilly summer days. (It’s chilly here on Svalbard, at least.)

Here is a well-known quote from our own Uncle Walt. Just find which letters correspond to which numbers, and the quote will appear like magic! (Especially if you print it out and actually write down the letters as you find them.) We’ve given you a few letters to help you get started. Enjoy!

A Message from Uncle Walt – SOLVED!

Have you ever ridden a Pegasus in your underwear, with or without bagels? Comment below!

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