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Disney's new "I Have a Button" button. Photo by Marty, used without permission.

New Disney button celebrates having a button

Finally there's a button for guests who don't qualify for one of the other buttons! WALT DISNEY WORLD, FL & DISNEYLAND, CA -- Disney Parks and Resorts and Spas announced today that a new button is joining their lineup of free celebration buttons: the "I Have a Button" button. For years, guests at Disney parks (and resorts and spas) have been able to get a free button to announce special occasions. (The current lineup is "1st Visit," "It's My Birthday," "Happily Ever After," ... Read more
Uncle Walt's Insider Puzzle Time!

Puzzle Fun – Find Harry Potter in the Magic Kingdom!

It's Super Puzzle Fun Time again! UNCLE WALT'S INSIDER H.Q., SVALBARD -- Ah, the Touron™. A combination of "tourist" and "moron", he (or she) is the "SG" in "SGT" -- which stands for Stupid Guest Tricks, of course, so you do the math. A common question stupid guests ask at Disney's Magic Kingdom is, "How do I get to Harry Potter Land?" (Fun fact: Did you know Cast Members can now slap idiots that ask that question?) We thought we'd have some fun with ... Read more
True Tales: from the files of Stupid Guest Tricks.

True Tales of Stupid Guests: Episode 8

"True Tales: from the files of Stupid Guest Tricks" is an ongoing series, where we share believable stories of park guests' unbelievable stupidity. FROM STUPID GUEST TRICKS -- is a website founded to provide Disney Cast Members and other theme park employees a place to vent about some of the idiots they've dealt with. Most Cast Members will tell you that 99% of the guests they deal with are wonderful, but there's always that 1% that lead to aggravation -- and ... Read more
All hail Princess Billy. Now take him to the river. Photo by Cleveland Brown 1 [CC BY-SA 4.0] via Wikimedia Commons.

Billy the Big-Mouth Bass is the newest Disney Princess

The Disney Empire annexes another entertainment giant. COPPELL, TX -- He's been hanging on walls and singing for 20 years. He's probably the most well-known fish in the world after Jaws, Nemo, and Abe Vigoda. He's Big Mouth Billy Bass. And now he's a part of Disney's world, as the entertainment giant has announced the buyout of Billy's creator, Texas-based Gemmy Industries. Reasons "Billy is a natural fit in the Disney universe of beloved family entertainment," says Justin LaFoe, Senior Vice President for Parks & ... Read more
Main Street Wind Turbine Parade, RIP. Photo by Dquai [CC BY-SA 4.0] via Wikimedia Commons and

“Main Street Wind Turbine Parade” suspended amid cancer concerns

Disney insists the measure is only precautionary. ANAHEIM, CA -- Showings of Disneyland's beloved and environmentally friendly "Main Street Wind Turbine Parade" have been halted, at least temporarily, after statements by a public official suggested the floats' wind turbines might cause cancer. "We're sure they're safe," says Disney (the company) spokesperson Jun Disney (no relation). "We've been running this particular parade for the better part of a decade. And only a handful of the Cast Members on the floats have reported cancer diagnoses ... Read more