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Accused perp Donald Duck. Photo by Loren Javier [CC BY-ND 2.0] via Flickr.

Another Disney star accused of inappropriate remarks

Fortunately, though, no one could really understand him. ANAHEIM, CA -- Directly in the wake of the controversy surrounding a certain Disney/ABC personality making outrageous and offensive comments, another popular celebrity associated with the brand has come under fire. Donald Duck, beloved cartoon character and company icon, was accused by a Disneyland park guest of making "inappropriate and sexist remarks" to her as she passed by. The guest, who filed the complaint anonymously (but who we found was Eunice Garbitt, 24, a graduate student at ... Read more
Mr. & Mrs. Abram Grant and new houseguest. Portrait photography by pxhere [CC BY 2.0] &

Hitchhiking ghost actually follows family home

"We always thought that 'a ghost will follow you home' line was just a joke." ST. GEORGE, UT -- The Haunted Mansion ride at Disneyland Park has been giving guests light-hearted scares since it opened in 1969. After entering the house through a mysterious stretching room, guests board "doom buggies" which take them through the mansion, meeting ghouls and ghosts along the way. But for one Utah family, the creepiness didn't end when they exited the ride. "There's a part at the end ... Read more
Photo of Epcot's new mouse ears. Via Depositphotos.

Hats coming to all Disney theme parks

YOU get a hat! And YOU get a hat! EVERYBODY gets a hat! WALT DISNEY WORLD -- Following the successful return of the Sorceror Mickey Hat to Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park and Spa, Disney Parks and Resorts and Spas has announced that every Disney theme park around the world will be getting a new, iconic hat. First up, EPCOT Center, which now sports an custom-embroidered set of Mickey ears (pictured). "We did make a mistake in creating that one," Disney spokesperson Jun Disney (no ... Read more
A random building at Disneyland. Photo by Carterhawk [CC BY-SA 3.0] via Wikimedia Commons.

Guest repeatedly mistaken for cast member files claim for back pay

"I spend half my time as a guest answering other guests' questions. I want to be underpaid just like real cast members!" ANAHEIM, CA -- Albert Amadi has never worked for Disneyland, but has filed a claim for back pay with the popular theme park. Amadi, 38, visits the Anaheim resort frequently from his home in Palmdale, California, just about 80 miles away from the park -- a short, three-day journey each way through L.A. traffic. He has lost count of the number ... Read more
A churro cart at Disney's California Adventure. Photo copyright 2018 Google / Street View.

Opinion: So-called Disney “churro scam”: right anger, wrong reason

What California Adventure is doing is so unjustified! ANAHEIM, CA -- Disney fan and news websites are up in arms over a new offering for annual passholders at Disney's California Adventure. In what Disney calls the "AP Churro Challenge," or five dollars, the passholders can purchase a map to "discover different churro carts located throughout both parks, each featuring a unique Pixar-themed specialty churro." When the specialty churros are purchased, the vendor applies a sticker to the map. Collect all four stickers ... Read more