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News Brief: Cast members can smack guests asking directions to Universal Studios

The Disney policy announced in November is now fully in effect. BURBANK, CALIFORNIA -- As reported in November, Disney cast members are now authorized to use "limited physical force" if a guest asks directions to a competitor's property. Disney Parks and Resorts chairman Bob Chapek, who first announced the policy, confirmed today that all cast members have received additional training for handling those guests who either don't realize that Disney and Universal are two different companies, or worse, don't care. According to ... Read more

News Brief: Mission: Space guests will now drive Tesla car to Mars

Elon Musk's "Starman" inspires an attraction makeover -- Mission: SpaceX. WALT DISNEY WORLD -- Following the successful launch of the SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket on Tuesday and the stunning imagery from space of the red Tesla Roadster high above the earth, Disney announced today that Epcot's Mission:Space ride will be retooled to feature the Tesla vehicles. Disney Company spokesperson Jun Disney [no relation] told Uncle Walt's Insider, "I know it's only been a few months since we changed up the ride, but ... Read more
Clarabelle Cow is sidelined with an injury.

News Brief: Clarabell Cow placed on injured reserve list after milking incident

In a surprising mooove, Clarabelle Cow will be out for an undisclosed time period. BURBANK, CALIFORNIA -- Leading bovine lady Clarabelle Cow has been placed on the injured reserve roster, the Disney Company announced Tuesday. In a press release, the company states that Ms. Cow sustained a "very personal injury" during a milking incident, and that no further details will be made public. Placing a character on the injured reserve list allows the company to bring up another character from the minor leagues ... Read more

Epcot fills remaining calendar with “International Festival of Non-Festival Festival”

Disney addresses the number one complaint of Epcot guests: not enough festivals. For some time, it has seemed as if the Walt Disney World Resort's Epcot park was host to one "International Festival" after another, and one festival would start soon after the previous festival had ended. Still, enough guests complained about a perceived lack of festivals that Epcot is adding one more, a festival that will fill all remaining dates in the year that do not already have a festival: the ... Read more
Godzilla wreaks havoc, but not at Tokyo Disneyland! Inset photo by Øyvind Holmstad [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons, modified.

News Brief: Godzilla attacks Japan; Tokyo Disneyland unharmed

Fans worldwide celebrate that the massive destruction did not affect the Disney parks. TOKYO, JAPAN -- A wide swath of this sprawling city was in chaos Friday after Godzilla, king of the monsters, returned to wreak his vengeance on mankind. Buildings were leveled, power lines tumbled, and hundreds of thousands of people ran screaming through the streets, trying desperately to flee the oncoming tide of destruction. As the country searches for answers and works to rebuild its devastated infrastructure, Uncle Walt's Insider ... Read more