Uncle Walt’s Insider Week in Review for May 24 |

Uncle Walt’s Insider Week in Review for May 24

Uncle Walt's Insider Week in Review

Here’s what you missed while doing something much less important! 

Appearing this past week on Uncle Walt’s Insider:


(STEP) MOMS PANEL: DISNEYLAND IS NOT CLOSING PERMANENTLY! – Okay, this panic is getting out of hand. The (Step)Moms step in (get it?) with calm, reasoned facts.


BREAKING NEWS: DISNEYLAND TO CLOSE PERMANENTLY – Before you ask, of course it’s true. Would we ever mislead you about anything?


CORRECTION: DISNEYLAND IS NOT CLOSING PERMANENTLY – We’re not called “Magical Fake News” for nothing. Learn a lesson from this.. 


(STEP) MOMS PANEL: WHAT IS IT WITH ALL THESE ‘DISNEYLAND CLOSING’ ARTICLES? – Hey, we’re the media. We have journalistic integrity even when we always get things wrong.


DISNEY SPRINGS REOPENS! WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW – Uncle Walt’s Insider brings you the inside info on shopping in a plague-infested environment!


MORE LESSONS FROM VISITING REOPENED DISNEY SPRINGS – We risk our life, health, and what remains of our sanity to get the facts for you!

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