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More lessons from visiting reopened Disney Springs

If you see any viruses there, report them to the nearest Cast Member. Photo by Thomas photography [CC BY-SA 4.0] via Wikimedia.

More advice for inserting yourself among other diseased Disney guests

DISNEY SPRINGS, FL — In part one of our unexpectedly two-part series (we’re really hurting for material with the theme parks closed), we gave some advice on what to expect when visiting Disney Springs in the wake of the coronavirus.

Yes, we took on the danger for you, our readers. We walked around for literally minutes and even saw a couple of other masked people from a distance! You’ll be happy to know we haven’t dropped dead yet. [Ed.: Are we sure our readers will be happy about that? Someone research this.]

Here are some more lessons we learned on our trip!


Currently, guests are being asked to self-park in the Orange or Lime parking garages. This means no pretending to be a valet and parking other people’s cars, at least for now.

If the parking garages are too far of a walk for you, we found that the Disney bus station is going completely unused! Just pull in and park at one of the bus stops. Then you’re only steps away from the action!

Social Distancing

As we walked through Disney Springs, we noticed that other guests and even Cast Members were keeping their distance from us. Even if we approached someone, they’d back away pretty quickly.

In other words, nothing’s changed there. They did the same thing to us before the shutdown.

Limited Menus

We’d heard that the restaurants had scaled back their menus drastically for health purposes. We can confirm that this is true.

Well, we only ate at one place, The Daily Poutine. But all they were serving was poutine!

Directional Arrows

The World of Disney has (like always) ripped off Walmart and added directional arrows to their aisles. And also like Walmart, no one was paying them any attention. [Ed.: Hey, there’s a lot of fun decorations above you there! I was looking at the decor, not the floor.] [Marty: At Walmart?]

Live Performances

Surprisingly, Disney Springs is maintaining a full schedule of live performances. We wish they’d stick to instrumentalists, though. It’s really hard to understand the singers through their masks.

Temperature Checks

Finally, yes, we mentioned yesterday that your temperature will be taken. We also said that they are using thermal scanning and not rectal thermometers, no matter what WDWNTT says.

Just one little added point: they will not use a rectal thermometer even if you ask them to. So we hear.

Have you parked at the bus stop? Let us know in the comments below!

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Cover photo: Most other places are waiting to reopen until the risk of death is zero. Photo by Thomas photography [CC BY-SA 4.0] via Wikimedia.