Uncle Walt’s Insider Week in Review for June 7 - Uncle Walt's Insider

Uncle Walt’s Insider Week in Review for June 7

Here’s what you missed while doing something much less important! 

Appearing this past week on Uncle Walt’s Insider:


(STEP) MOMS PANEL: WDW WITHOUT FASTPASSES OR DINING RESERVATIONS? – No Fastpass+ or dining reservations at Walt Disney World this year? How will it work?


DISNEY MAGIC TO BE SUNK, TURNED INTO ARTIFICIAL REEF – It’s a cost-saving measure. Don’t worry, they’ll take the crew off first. We think.


JOE ROHDE’S EARRING SUSPENDS CAMPAIGN, DOES NOT ENDORSE ANYONE – It’s the same old story: lack of fundraising, public lockdown, and it’s jewelry.


(STEP) MOMS PANEL: DID WE SKIP THE MURDER HORNETS? – Seems like they were a thing, and then they weren’t. What happened? The (Step)Moms might know.


BREAKING: MICKEY MOUSE ANNOUNCES RETIREMENT – Look, the dude’s 92 years old. He couldn’t keep up his busy workload forever.


MICKEY’S RETIREMENT LASTS LESS THAN ONE DAY – We called it: Mickey “pulled an Iger” and came back after Goofy messes up the job.

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